Chuck the Sheikah
Chuck the Sheikah
Aliases Walker: Texas Ranger
Timeline Base The Lost Triforce Saga
Age 19
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Skeikah
Hometown Kakariko Village
Family/Clan Bruce, Master of Everything
Title and Rank Last of the Skeikah, temporarily the Ninja God
Special Abilities Teleportation, flexibility, acrobatics, mastered fighting skills, and (temporarily) able to distort reality
Stories Featured In The Lost Triforce, The Great Adventure of Chuck
Author(s) Murchadah


Chuck appears in the Fan-fiction The Lost Triforce, and is the last of the race of powerful, ninja-like people known as the Sheikah. He subtly helps Link in his journey at first, but as the quest becomes much more dangerous, Chuck even goes as far as to fight alongside the Hero of Time as he fights against Ganondwarf.


Not much is known about Chuck's past, only that he is the last of the Sheikah, after the others killed eachother in a great civil war, started over a debate over whether the Essence of Sarcasm was stolen or was still in its hiding place. During a raid on the Barracks of the Darknut with Link, he was sucked into a dimensional vortex, only to appear at his own funeral (in the parallel world that he was sent, time progressed much faster than it would normally, and Chuck came out of the vortex aged considerably). Not much is know about his adventure throught this parallel world, but all will be revealed in the upcoming story, The Great Adventure of Chuck.