Aliases Prince David, The Raging Sapphire
Timeline Base Heroes of Destiny
Age 10-28
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Deku
Family/Clan (Father)Deku King (Mother)Deku Queen
Title and Rank Caretaker of the Deku Tree, General of Royal Army
Weapons Sword
Special Abilities Rage
Introduced In Heroes of Destiny
Stories Featured In Heroes of Destiny, The Raging Sapphire, Layden's Adventure
Author(s) Herooftwilight

Heroes of DestinyEdit

David is a young Deku who is the caretaker of the Deku Tree. When he was little, his parents were killed by the Great Moblin. When Zelda ventured into the Deku Tree to stop the Skull Kid, David helped her. Afterward, he brought Link and Zelda to Korok Village. When Link and Zelda left to go on their adventure, David decided to go with them. After the war, David moved to Hyrule Castle and became General of the Royal Army.

The Raging SapphireEdit

In The Raging Sapphire, David learns that his hometown and kingdom, Woodfall City, has been conquered by Vaati and his army of Darknuts. He decides to go there immediately. Accompaning him were Link, Skid, Kaira, Thorn and a small group of Royal Knights.


David is shy and doesn't have alot of self-confidence. However, when his friends are in danger, he will do anything to save them.

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Activities: Fishing

Least Favorite Activities: Writing

Talents: Sword-art

Strengths: His friends, Rage

Weakness: Rage

Rival: Kaira

Fears: Dying

Enemies: Ganondorf, The Great Moblin

Friends: Link, Zelda and many more



Link is like a big brother to David. Link is always telling David not to do anything dangerous, which annoys David.


Zelda is David's best friend. They make a great team.


When David is angry he goes into a Rage, making him incredibly strong. When Zelda was injured, he killed 30 Moblins all by himself.

Bosses DefeatedEdit

  • Great Moblin(HoD)
  • Darkhammer(HoD)
  • Argorok(HoD)
  • Ganondorf(HoD)
  • Vaati(TRS)
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