Zander trained a little more, then decided to take on Ganondorf. He believed he could win. He believed wrong...

The BattleEdit

Zander had underestimated Ganondorf quite a bit. For a while, the battle was close. However, Ganondorf, possesing the Triforce of power, was basically invincible. Zander even landed a deadly blow right through Ganondorf's chest...but it did nothing. "As long as I have the Triforce of Power I am invincible!" Ganondorf sceamed out. Just when Zander thought he was going to be killed, the a light began to shine around him...and he was teleported away.


Zander looked around the new place he was was weird, like an old castle...and in front of him is the strangest looking lady. She has pale blue skin, and orange hair...and is dressed like a queen.

Zander:Where am I?

???:You are at the temple of the gods.

Zander:What? Why?

???:Because you may be the rightful bearer of the Triforce...

Zander:What? That's impossible, Ganondorf has it-

???:Yes, and it was meant for him. Was meant for it is meant for you...

Zander:How do you know this? And who are you?

???:I am one the queen of the Twili...Queen Midna IV.

Zander:Wait, you're a Twili? Supposedly I'm part Twili, maybe you can unlock my true potential-

Midna:No, you are wrong.

Zander:What do you mean? You can't unlock my power-

Midna:No, you're right about that. You're wrong about your bloodline...

Zander:So I'm not part Twili?

Midna: No. You are 100% Twili.

Zander:But how? I don't have pale blue skin or weird hair or-

Midna:First of all, my hair isn't weird. Secondly, that is because when you were born, in our world, we brought you to the light world...we placed a spell on you to be normal...well, normal for a Hylian...when we had found out that Hyrule was flooded and that most Hylians were gone, it was too late... a kind family had already adopted you...

Zander:So can you unlock my true power?

Midna:Not yet. You are not ready. You have already been seduced by power once..we can't let it happen must go into the tower of the gods, and pass the trials that will face you there. Only then can I unlock your power. However, I can teach you an interesting is known as the Twilight Warp. It doesn't always work, there are some areas which are built not to allow this...such as the top or any place in this tower...try it, try to warp to over here (Midna goes to an unreachable spot of the Tower of the Gods)

Zander:(Tries it, it works). This is awesome! Now to warp back down...(goes down). Man, this rocks...

Midna:I will see you later...when you need me...

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