Tower of the GodsEdit

Zander entered the tower and looked of it ere flooded, and it seemed there was no way to pass. However, he remembered his warp move, and used it to get to the next room. He went through several rooms, solving puzzles along the way, until he got to a room which was imbossible to bypass. Just then Midna showed up.

Midna:It is time for you to learn a new technique...the object warp. If you warp somwhere, you can use this to pull the object with you. Try it.

And Zander tried it, and lo and behold, he got it. He then went to another room where there was a statue. He used his new move to bring the statue with him to the impassable room. He then used this on another statue, and got it to the room. Just then, a door opened up for him, and a bridge made of light was formed. He continued through the towr, killing many enemies wit his blade, and sovling puzzles with his new ability. He then got to the uppermost room in the tower. A giant statue in the wall spoke to him. "I AM YOUR FINAL CHALLENG BEFORE THE TOP OF THE TOWER" said the statue in a booming Voice. "I AM...THE GREAT ARBITER GOHDAN..." and the battle began.

The Great Arbiter, GohdanEdit

Gohdan would be hard to beat, and Zander knew it. He attacked one hand, it would become inactive, then it would return. That's when Zander had an idea. He attacked the hand until it waws inactive, the used the object warp to warp the hand above Gohdan, where it would then fall on him. This worked for a little bit, but then Gohdan switched things upp. He got rid of the hands, and began to fire bombs at Zander. Zander Would try to pick up the bombs, but they exploded on impact. Instead, the jumped up, grabbed it midair, then warped over to Gohdan and dropped the bomb in his mouth (it's where he was shooting bombs from.) After a few more hits, Gohdan went down, and acknowledged Zander. Zander then went to the top of the tower and rung a bell, which then released a wave of energy. The gods acknowledged Zander. He looked onto his hand, and on it was a Triforce symbol. He then went to the bottom of the tower, and saw Midna.

Outside the Tower of The GodsEdit

Midna:You fave done well, Zander. But you are not ready yet. You still must train...and this training will be will push you to your limits. But if you pass the training, you may actually have a chance to defeat Ganondorf...

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