Our Story BeginsEdit

Everything on the Great Sea is going well. The War is over, and the GSA is once again a democracy. Only one thing of concern has happened exploration vessel was attacked...the only survivor was a man named Frodnonag. he was an odd looking man, with golden eyes, olive skin, and red hair and a red beard...He told a story of how the ship was attacked by monsters. The GSA became concerned, but took no action. This concerned one particular representative...

Zander's WordsEdit

Zander strongly encouraged that the GSA take action. He begged with them, and pleaded, and asked for them to take action...his home island had recently been attacked, and his parents were amoung the casualties. The other GSA representatives said he was too emotionally attached, and that they would do nothing. Just when Zander thought things could get no worse, he recieved a leeter of impeachment...evidently, the other representatives said that he had a "disturbingly militant stance." Zander was outraged. This man, Frodnonag, told Zander of how he believed him...of how the GSA was going down a road to evil, once again...about how they could form their own private army and protect the Great Sea. Zander made his decision; he would join Frodnonag.

Recieving the WeaponsEdit

Frodnonag brought Zander onto his own ship, and Zander couldn't be more amazed. On one wall, there was a suit of armor; on the other, there was a coat of arms with an odd symbol Zander was of the Ger-oh, that's all Zander could remember. Frodnonag then presented Zander with his armor, that of a darknut, and a giant darknut sword. Frodnonag then asked Zander if he knew of the Triforce of Power. Zander replied he did, and Frodnonag replied by giving him a sword that was directly linked to the Triforce of Power. Zander took the sword out of its sheath, and suddenly his body erupted in purple flames...he now had only a chestplate and leg armor on, but he was stronger. Zander began to use this sword a lot on his missions...that would be his downfall...

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