The TrainingEdit

Zander was nervous about his training. He had never gone through any fromal training of any kind; his skills had come naturally. Midna then walked up to him.

Midna:Now your training begins. You have only one task: Find your inner power, and relase it. Once you have done this, your training is complete.

And so, Zander tried this. He didn't really have any clue on what to do. So, he went into a nearby wooded area. There, he met horrors he had never imagined. There were skeltons that terribly screamed, nearly freezing him in place. He saw dead dog looking things, with fur still clinging to their skin. Carniverous plants came to life before his eyes, and dead bodies rose up and would scream at him. He was terrified. And he was stuck in these woods. He couldn't get out for months. They seemed to never end...Zander believed he was about to die, he was surrounded by those monstrosities...when his body erupted in purple flames. However, he didn't have the blade of power...He felt his power increase, and ripped through the evils with his bear hands. He then looked in a puddle, and saw what he looked like: his skin was pale blue, his hair now purple fire...he then went to Midna to ask what was going on...

Midna:You've done it. You've unlocked your can now take on Ganondorf...

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