The Rule of EvilEdit

Frodnonag: My real name is...Ganondorf. Now I can rule...with you as my co-commander, Zander...

Zander: Thank you, master. You are truly powerful. Oh, you don't mind that I call you master, right? I mean, it seems like an appropriate title-

Ganondorf: No. That is perfect. Now I shall reveal to you your true power.

Zander: What do you mean?

Ganondorf: I felt it when I first met you Zander...that presence was so reminded me of that place..with those people...the Twili."

Zander: What? I can't be. They are an ancient race of great magic. I can barely do the simplest light magi-

Ganondorf: Exactly. Light magic. You ever try dark magic, kid? Her, try this (demonstrates a dark magic spell)

Zander: (does the spell on his first try) What the-

Ganondorf: It's true. You must have Twili blood in you; how or how much, I don't know. However, it is certainly so.

Zander:How is this possible?

And thus, the reign of evil began, using the same trick as Samuel...however, Zander assured people that nothing was wrong, and everyone trusted him...


For the next few months, Zander trained, and became extremely proficient in dark magic. He nearly exceeded Ganondorf himself...then something got to Zander..he smelled a whiff of...power. The Triforce of Power. He needed it. More than he needed a master. And his power was about to exceed Ganondorf, and he was very clever...

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