The Downward Spiral BeginsEdit

One day, Zander was out slaying moblins, as was his specialty. He was just finished killing the last one with the sword Frodnonag had given him, the blade of power, and was about to put it way, when he blacked out...

Through The Eyes of The RepresentativesEdit

The reps of the GSA were in a meeting when Zander suddenly showed up. They were angered; they yelled at him for "returning when you are unwelcome." Another rep was about to say something when Zander cut him in half with the blade of power. Soon, there were no reps left; all that remained were shattered bodies and bloodstained robes...

Zander Wakes UpEdit

When Zander woke up, he was confused. He was no longer killing Moblins, but rather he was in the GSA meeting room. He looked around, in a daze, and saw the bloodstained robes, then his bloodstained sword, and realized what had happened;he had killed the representatives...he had nowhere to go...he'd be wanted...just then, Frodnonag walked in...

Frodnonag's speechEdit

"What is going on? How could you Zander...I thought we were trying to save lives, not destroy them. Ah well, you've done the right thing. No that they are out of the way...I mean no longer a threat...I mean now that they're evil has been destroyed, we can claim rule. Nobody needs to know. Just swear your allegiance to me...."

"I swear my allegiance to you..."

" I will tell you my real name..."

Next ChapterEdit