Ending WordsEdit

I have found a nearly endless source of power...within myself. I admit at first I did not want to believe that I had Twili blood in me; they were sealed away for dark magic and being evil. However, I have accepted this darkness within myself...and from it I draw power. I have to use it for good. I can never go back to society; they would never accept me now. I will have to live out the rest of my years on uncharted islands, tracking down Ganondorf's minions. I have defeated a great evil, but he will return. I can only hope that I bought enough time for another hero (or three maybe, who knows) to show up who can truly destroy this man. I myself can no longer die of natural causes; I am essentially immortal. I will use this to my advantage, to destroy the army of the king of evil...of Ganondorf...I can only hope that I will be redeemed in the eyes of the goddesses for what I have done...Chances are, their will be legends of me. Positive or negative, I don't know...but chances are it is not my name that will go down in history...but my title...Moblin Slayer.