Lair of the Fallen SwordsmenEdit

When the heroes got to the lair of the third general, they found it looked more like a training hall than an evil lair.

Zander:This is where the souls of defeated soldiers go when they die. They have no mercy for anything living, and only wish to bring others into their army.

And thus, Zander once again stayed at the entrance as the heroes moved on. They fought the souls of dead soldiers of all types of race (goron, zora, etc) and that used all types of weapons (swords, spears, etc). The heroes found no traps or puzzles, just hordes of undead soldiers. Eventually, after fighing what seemed like hundreds of undead soldiers, the heroes made it to the second room. They once again slayed the evils they saw, and moved on. They did this so many times that I lost count at a certain point when recording the event. However, the heroes eventually made it to a room with a chest in the center. Twentilla didn't show up; rather, scarab-like bugs formed a human figure around the chest. the heroes defeated it using not fancy weapons, but their own skill with a sword. Eventually, the thing died, and the heroes opened the chest to find the new item: The Swordsman's Charm. It allowed them to shoot a beam out of their swords and cover it in an energy "aura" to do more damage. The heroes used this to slash open a nearly indestructable door, and made it to the boss room...

Boss Fight:Eternally Cursed Swordmaster, Death SwordEdit

The heroes saw in the middle of the room a being that looked like this:

Death Sword

The creature attacked the heroes with it's giant blade. The heroes used the Swordsman's Charm to shoot a beam at the creature until it went to it's knees; they would then slash it. However, Death Sword soon blocked this attack. Thus, the heroes attacked him directly until his blade broke (thanks to the power up effect of the Swordsman's Charm'). The creature then went to it's knees and appeared to cry. Darvus then slashed it in half, killing the evil.

The AftermathEdit

The heroes were once again warped outside, and Zander gave them the news; the last general was hiding in Twentilla's Castle.