Hyrule Castle TownEdit

After Twentilla was destroyed, Hyrule castle went back up to Hyrule, along with Hyrule Castle town. The citizens had been frozen in time, and thus had no clue what happened. Thus, they resumed their normal lives.


Zander's wounds had been more serious than he thought, and he passed on during the battle with Twentilla. However, the goddesses rewarded him for his efforts acroos the past few centuries with the newly vacated throne of the king of the dead.

The HeroesEdit

The heroes simply resumed their normal lives; however, they never forgot what happened, and continued to be the only thing standing between Hyrule and total destruction.

The UnderworldEdit

Zander, the new King of the Undead, restored the Underworld to its former glory before Twentilla was king. The dead regained their free will, and resumed with their afterlives. The dead warriors fought with each other only for entertainment, as they couldn't die, and the rest of the dead lived in an eternal paradise.

Korok WoodsEdit

After Twentilla's slaughter of the Koroks, the Deku Tree died because he lost the will to live. Howver, a Deku sprout, knowing nothing of what happened, simply remade the Koroks as he wanted, and the forest was restored to peace.

Death MountainEdit

Death Mountain was restored to peace, but the Gorons missed the "old man who lived in the cave at the base of the mountain."

Lake HyliaEdit

Lake Hylia remained a holy lake, and a many a person went on Holy Trips to the lake. The Temple was cleansed of all evil, and the Zoras lived in peace the longest out of all of the races.

The EndEdit