while I'm stuck with writer's block, I'll be explaining the origins of enemies. This is fanfic, it's probably not really true (well, as true as a zelda game can be). I'll be adding ideas as I come up with them.

The near invincible armyEdit

There once was an army. The near invincible army had thousands of soldiers, dozens of knights, a paladin, and a king. The army was invincible until they went to termina. Then Two witches used magic to turn them to stone statues. They scattered them across many realms. One day the witches hylian counterparts (twinrova) saw the statues. They gave most of them life. The army is now called the Armos.

The stalfos bonesEdit

In a crowd of redead there was only one topic of discussion, there leader was beaten. "Silence!" screeched dead hand, stopping all conversation in the crowd. "Bongo Bongo left me second in command, so I'm making the orders." go to the shadow temple, the well, and the tomb. I'll be guarding the lens." while most of the crowd left, A few notice the stalfos bones and decided to put them on. The bones turned themselves into long strips of white and wrapped the ombies completely. the confused zombies went to the shadow temple and the well, forever to be known as gibdo.

Doom rangersEdit

There once were magical beasts called the doom rangers. They were pale white creatures with hoods. However, one found a temple and made itself orange. It ordered all the other doom rangers to change there color too. The orange ranger called itself and the other rangers wizzrobes. The orange wizzrobe gave powers and a location to each one based off its color. There was one that didn't change its color. That one is now in termina.