Aliases Hero of Hyrule
Timeline Base Heroes of Destiny
Age 18-36
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Family/Clan (Wife)Zelda (Son)Layden
Weapons Sword
Introduced In Heroes of Destiny
Stories Featured In Heroes of Destiny, The Raging Sapphire, Layden's Adventure
Author(s) Herooftwilight

Heroes of DestinyEdit

In Heroes of Destiny, Link is 18 and he talks. He lives in Kokiri Forest with Epona and is named the Hero of Hyrule. He goes on a journey with Zelda and David to build an army in order to defeat Ganondorf. After the War of Hyrule Link married Zelda and became her bodyguard.

The Raging SapphireEdit

In The Raging Sapphire, Link and Zelda are engaged. Link's traditional green clothing is replaced by the royal family's golden armor. His last major adventure was the war against Ganondorf. When two Deku come to Hyrule Castle with a plea for help, Link eagerly decides to accompany them.


Link has a somewhat serious personality. However, he can be very easy-going at times. He is very smart and always has a plan of attack.

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Hylian Bass

Favorite Activities: Horseback Riding, Fishing

Least Favorite Activities: Singing, Dancing

Hobbies: Rescuing Zelda, Saving the world

Talents: Swordsmanship, Archery

Strengths: His friends

Weakness: His feelings

Rival: Unamed character

Fears: Being unable to protect his friends

Enemies: Ganondorf, Dark Link

Friends: Zelda, David, Skid, Quill and many more



Link and Zelda are very close and often joke around with each other. He has a big crush on her but is afraid to tell her.


Link treats David like a younger brother. He often expresses concern for his safety.


Link treats Skid like a pest, but he actually is very fond of him.


Quill is Link's best friend and trusted tactician. If Link ever has a problem with anything he always turns to Quill for advice.

Bosses DefeatedEdit

  • Agila(HoD)
  • Molgera(HoD)
  • Volvagia(HoD)
  • King Bulbin(HoD)
  • Dark Link(HoD)
  • Ganon(HoD)
  • Audhulma(TRS)
  • Dark Link(TRS)

The Heroes of Destiny
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