Lydianda Alessa al'Silva dal'Brisby
Aliases Lydia, Lida
Timeline Base LoZ/ZII:AoL
Age same as Link
Gender female
Species human/humanoid
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Hometown Ciella, Calatia
Family/Clan dal'Brisby / al'Silva clan:
Link, Arn, Medilia, Haddeh, Akiri, Chrishum
Title and Rank Archmage: Calatian Mages' Guild
Special Abilities high-level magic user
Stories Featured In Developments,
A Family Reunion,
The Night Before we Say Goodbye
Author(s) OldSchoolZeldaFan

Synopsis Edit

Split-twin of Linkshaia Adennos dal'Brisby al'Silva (Link). She is bold, often playful, unabashedly proud, and strong-willed. She is, in many ways, there to balance out Link: where he can be timid, she encourages him to be outspoken. When he is humble to the point of self-deprecation, she is there to remind him of his own merits. Where he strives to protect everyone, she is fiercely protective of him. When he takes himself too seriously, she's there to knock him off his soapbox, and make him laugh, in the process. With her family, she is open and warm, with a brash, sometimes tactless sense of humor. This softer side is particularly evident around Link, whom she lovingly calls "Linu". Before they part ways to pursue their separate paths, she gives him a gift that ensures they will always stay in touch: if he ever needs her, all he has to do is call.

Her curious nature has led her to several discoveries on the nature of magic, and she is frighteningly powerful: where Link can call down a couple lighting bolts that leave him drained, she can summon pillar after pillar of electric blasts with barely a moment's casting time, or toss an unwary person into the air and "lock" them into place whoever long she desires. Her favorite element to play with is Wind, which she can manipulate to induce haunting melodies out of thin air.

One of only a very small portion of female mages in a male-dominated field, she shows off her womanliness as a slap in the face to the more bigoted members of the Mages' Guild. She is either feared and admired, or feared and envied, by her co-workers. Either way, she will not tolerate insolence.