Aliases Princess Zelda, Queen Zelda
Timeline Base Heroes of Destiny
Age 18-36
Gender Female
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Family/Clan (Father)Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Husband)Link (Son)Layden
Weapons Bow, Sword
Special Abilities Light Magic
Introduced In Heroes of Destiny
Stories Featured In Heroes of Destiny, The Raging Sapphire, Layden's Adventure
Author(s) Herooftwilight,

Heroes of DestinyEdit

In Heroes of Destiny, Zelda is 18. She's skilled with a bow. She is also skilled at Light Magic. When Ganondorf conquered Hyrule Castle, Zelda climbed to the top of the central tower and recieved the Triforce of Wisdom. She was then captured and put into the castle dungeons. Link rescued her and they traveled to the Deku Tree, who told them they must raise an army to defeat Ganondorf. After many months of traveling they were finally ready to confront Ganondorf. After the Battle of Hyrule Field, she was part of the group that infiltrated Hyrule Castle. Zelda and Link eventually made it to the top of the central tower. Although they were overpowered by Ganondorf, David showed up in time to rescue them. After the battle, Zelda was made Queen of Hyrule.


Zelda is very outgoing and can easily make friends. She is desperate to prove to Link that she can take care of herself.

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Apples

Favorite Activities: Reading, Dancing

Least Favorite Activities: Sleeping

Hobbies: Getting kidnapped

Talents: Archery

Strengths: Her friends

Weakness: Gullible

Fears: Getting old

Enemies: Ganondorf

Friends: Link, David and many more



Zelda and Link are very close and often joke around with each other. She has a big crush on him but is afraid to tell him. One year after the Great War, Zelda was then married to Link and became Queen of Hyrule. The couple later had a son named Layden.


Zelda is David's best friend. They make a great team while fighting.

Bosses DefeatedEdit

  • Skull Kid/Skid(HoD)
  • Gohma(HoD)
  • Big Octo(HoD)
  • Agahnim(HoD)
  • Phantom Ganon(HoD)

The Heroes of Destiny
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