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The Skulltula is a large spider with a skull-like shell. As ambush predators, these arachnids prefer to hang from the ceiling and surprise their prey by dropping down and attacking them. If any animal wanders too close to the Skulltula, it will violently spin around to defend itself.

Skulltulas will actively block frontal attacks and do not expose their soft underbellies except right before they strike. When a Skulltula momentarily rears back before attacking, counterattacking the deadly arachnid is made possible by slashing it with his sword before it launches its attack, or simply dodging the spider's bite attack and hittinh it while it's recovering is also an option.

Skulltulas may also be defeated by first stunning them with a Spin Attack and then finishing them off with an Ending Blow. The Hidden Skills are also useful when engaging Skulltulas; A Shield Attack can be used to knock the insect off balance, creating an opportunity to attack, or a Back Slice can be used to circumvent its defenses entirely while attacking its vulnerable abdomen.

Gold Skulltula Edit


Gold Skulltulas are a rare variant of Skulltula known to be tunnel builders, and as such they are far harder to find then their more common variant. Possessing far greater intelligence and magical properties, the Gold Skulltula's magical presence has been known to curse those consumed by greed by turning them into Skulltulas, or less commonly, by turning them into a gold statue. When a Gold Skulltula is defeated, it's magical essence is left behind in corporeal form. The spiritual essences are to be collected by the one who defeats the Gold Skulltula in order to have proof of their victory, and are known for their ability to undo a curse made by a Gold Skulltula.

Like the average Skulltula, Gold Skulltulas prefer to ambush their prey. Most Gold Skulltulas will ignore adventuring parties, and require being attacked by ranged weapons to be attracted into combat. More heavily armored then their core genus, the Gold Skulltula will leap forward and and attempt to pin prey with its foreleges and proceed to bite it to inject it with venom. They also will constrict potential prey with silk shot from their mouths. Gold Skulltulas have a round purple spot on their underbelly where Link can stab to weaken and kill it.

Gold Skulltulas can be located by listening for their distinctive scraping sound they make to communicate with eachother, as well as remnants of their unique gold spidersilk. They can be found anywhere, from fields to dungeons, although they will only appear above ground during the night. Gold Skulltulas like soft soil, and can be drawn out by baiting them with small burrowing tektite young.

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