You're welcomed to write and submit any fic based on The Legend of Zelda series, or Alternate Universe and Crossover stories featuring any Legend of Zelda character in a prominent role. Below are general guidelines, to help you best place your writings and keep this wikia neat and organized.

1. To post a story, begin a new article named using your story's title or (if the title is already in use) a combination of your username and the title. Create the page as usual.

2. When creating your story article, consider including a Summary section at the top, to give the reader relevant information, such as: your penname, characters used, which timeline the story takes place in, a short description of the story, ratings, warnings (such as "Spoilers for Such-And-Such Game, "gore", "angst", etc.), Author's Notes, links to related stories and character pages, and so on.

3. Add all the appropriate categories to your story:

  • Go to Category:Genre and copy ALL appropriate genre headings.
  • Go to Category:Timelines to select the best Timeline match. If your story does not relate to any particular game or event, select Alternate Universe as your Timeline category.
  • Go to Category:Game Characters to see the list of available in-game characters, most of which are sorted by game sub-categories, that may appear in your story, and grab ALL applicable category links. Notice that some characters, such as Link, Zelda, Ganon, Dark Link, and The Goddesses are OUTSIDE the list of game sub-categories. This is because these characters, in various forms, appear throughout MANY LoZ games. Use Author's Notes and the appropriate Timeline category to let your readers know WHICH version of these characters you are using. Notice that for these and a few other characters, there are also sub-categories, for alternate forms of the character. Please carefully read the instructions at the top of each character category before linking a story to that category. Please DO NOT create Character Pages for ANY in-game character, unless you're going completely AU with them.
  • Read the Ratings Guide, to help you select an appropriate Precautionary Rating for your story, then go to Category:Ratings and pick the most appropriate category.

4. For any Original or AU characters that you have developed to a sufficient degree of detail within your story, you may create a Character Page. At the top of the Category:Original Characters page, there are detailed descriptions for how to do this, and links to the Template:Character Infobox, which you will want to use.

5. When done, consider adding links for your stories and Original Character Pages to your User Page, to help your friends and fans keep track of what you write.

That's it! Happy writing!