Today is the first day of the Desert Tour Races. I hope to do well. Relyt is always telling me how I should make my self legend in sports. I'm here to have fun. Hopefully every one else will as well.

"Well, maybe...."

I keep thinking that I shouldn't go into the race. And this isn't even my spinner. Relyt me borrow his. Oh this is such a bad idea.

"Hey, there are some people over there."

I head in closer but they are to busy fighting.

"Oh, I think I'd better back up a bit."

I decide to do some practicing. Relyt taught me some things. People begin to start coming.

"Oh. I guess it is time to begin."

Alright, time to have some fun. I head to starting line and prepare for the race.

The First Race: The Fortress RunEdit

Okay, here I go. Relyt's spinner is doing great. I see the person in first. I speed that way. Now I'm in third, cool. A spring! Yay, I skipped alot. Oh crap, the chasm jump!


Wow, this really fun. To bad that guy fell down. Hmm, just gotta get past this guy.

"Here I come!"

I yell that at him hoping he would mess up by turning back to look at me.

"Not this time pal!"

Wow, he seems pretty good, dang he is spanking me with those maneuvers. Okay, time to really speed it up. It is close, just a little bit more.....


Well I didn't make first but second is nice.

"Good job!"

"Uh thanks"

Who is this guy?

"See you next race."

"Okay, bye."

Weird, who is he? Oh hay, its Saria!

"Oh good job Vio!! Sorry, Argorok and Darvus couldn't come. And you know where Relyt is. But they said hi."

"It's okay, my brothers are always busy."


Saria and I head to the next race.

The Second Race: Burning PassageEdit

Okay, here I go, the second race. Man, why does it have to be into a volcano? What is a volcano doing in a desert? Oh well, here we ...


Oh man, should have packed lotion. How can Darvus like heat anyway? Oh no, missed that short cut. Damn, where did he come from? Here we go!

"Eat this! Ah backfired!"

Oh man now I'm last, wait.....yes almost to first!


Third. I have to do better, but Relyt's spinner is so crappy, I better go get me myself my own one.

"Saria, where can I get my own custom spinner?"

"Midna sent you one."

Wow it's awesome.