The the next chapter contains rated R material. It will contain no major nudity(no actual reproductive parts), blood, bad ass sword fights, high swearing rate, and GANONDORF's DEATH. Those who either worship Ganondorf or have a high panty wetting rate should not read this. But if you like woopin Ganondorf, well here ya go. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Ganondorf's TowerEdit

We arrived. Right in front of the stairs. It was a easy walk. But the next room was a bit of a surprise. There, in the center waited Shadow.

Shadow-Ahh, there you guys are. I was wondering when you would arrive. Well, shall we dance one last time?

Me-Tatl, Navi, Ciela, go up and free the girls.

Shadow-Hehehehe, a waist of your time.

Me-Go, we will deal with this trash.

Shadow-How hurtful. Well, fags, lets Go!!!

Final:Fallen Hero ShadowEdit

We ran at him expecting he would split in three. He didn't he went straight at us. We engaged in a battle, he was losing. He had flipped to the other end.

Shadow-Grrr. Now I am mad. Fill my true power!!!

He suddenly turns into ball of darkness. It morphs into a even more menacing dragon than Volvagia.

Shadow-DIE BITCHES!!!!!!!!

We use our attacks that we learned from our moms. Shadow was shattered. He reformed to his old body on the floor. Argorok ended it with the Finishing Blow. A black ray evaporated him. We sighed and ran up the stairs. The next room was simple a short swim. We got to other side. The water level starts rising. For me, it is home again, for them they start running. So I go with them. The end is now. We were about to reach the top and end it finally.

End Boss: Dark General GanondorfEdit

We went up. Our ray of hope was shattered. There, in front of us was the Dark Lord, Ganondorf. His look he gave us a look that would be enough to make anyone wet their pants.

Ganondorf-Welcome boys! I have awaited you. Your flying friends weren't very playful. They were extremely boring.

We look to our left and there, the fairies are, beaten. Tatl is shivering. Ceila and Navi are on the ground, not even making a bulge. They are dead. Argorok and I were enraged.

Ganondorf-*sigh*Though your other friends were funner.

We look to our right. What I saw would have made anyone break up into tears. Me, I was furious. There in a cage were two girls. A blond one, Ilia, and a Green haired one, Saria. They were bruised, bleeding, had cuts on there clothing and on them. My chain broke, and I suddenly vanished.

Argorok-I'll murder you!!!

Darvus-I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!

Ganondorf-Hah, your words mean..... 1 2, were is the blue boy?

I am running at him. I make an attempt to pierce his chest. He knocks my arm up and puts a melee of fist in my stomach. With each blow, a mixture of blood and guts splatted out of my mouth. He kicked my face up in the air. His knee met my face in mid-air. He then slashed my side and charged dark matter into his fist and mega-punched me down. I bounced on the ground. My blood splattered across the floor.

Ganondorf-You are fast, but pathetic.

Darvus and Argorok ran at him. They start releasing slashes on him. At first he can't keep up. But he somehow catches up and blocks every slash. He suddenly boosts up and smashes his blade into Argorok. Argorok sails through the air and smashes the wall. He slides down revealing a crater and blood. Ganondorf is left with Darvus. Darvus is giving him a hard time, unleashing powerful harsh beastly combos. Ganondorf is hit by the first but blocks the others. He gives Darvus the same smash he gave Argorok. Darvus is not even fazed by it! Darvus is angry and releases countless swipes on Ganondorf. Ganondorf has enough. He kicks Darvus's arm and releases an army of fist in Darvus' face. He kicks him forward and slashes him. Since he was flying fast, the slash wound wasn't that deep. I crawled over to Darvus. He is out cold on the ground bleeding up a sea.

Me-Darvus? Darvus! Darvus!! Get up!! Don't leave us!!

Argorok-..........NO!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL PAY YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Argorok flies up and unlocks a million of jabs on him. Ganondorf is getting hit and dodging.

Me-Darvus get up!!

Darvus turns and looks at me.

Darvus-I am not going anywhere. Not until he is dead.

I crawled over to Ilia. I cradled her in my arms. This my fault. I shouldn't have warped her. I shouldn't have let Volvagia get her. I should have cared more. Because of that she is in pain. Her clothes are ripped. I can see parts of her breast. Her pants are ripped down, so that I could see some of her underwear. This my fault. Because I didn't try hard enough, my friends and I failed. Argorok then gets hit in the back of his head. Ganondorf shoves his foot into Argorok's family jewels. Ganondorf tries to put his blade through Argoroks stomach. He manages to avoid it but still hit with the attack. Ganondorf elbows Argorok into a wall.

Ganondorf-You boys are not worthless!! I had hoped for a good time, but I was wrong.

I look back down at Ilia's face. It was beautiful before when she was taken by Volvagia. So full of life and joy. Now it was pale, and bruised, and she was in pain. Because I didn't show that I loved her back, I....

Ilia-Rel. Relyt. i knew you would come.

I squeezed her tightly to me. I look around. This was my ...............................................................................................NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was not my fault. It was his. He did this. He hurt Ilia. He will pay. He killed my fairy, he beat my best friends. But worst of all, he hurt Ilia. He is gonna pay. he is gonna fucking pay. My power returns. I stand up straight. I put Ilia down gently and kiss her. I turn to Ganondorf. I walk and pick up my sword, not loosing sight of him.

Ganondorf-Whats this? You have came for your beating?

I give him a look. He can't see very well though but he is angered of it. I turbo blast at him. The Four is pulsating with my anger. My rage. My hate. I slam my sword into his. His arm rockets back. His sword spirals out of his hand and smashes through a wall. His sign of anger tuned to shock. With in those 5 seconds I looked at him, we were in the lead. I thrust my blade up, trying to split his jaw from under his chin. He dodges it, barely. It cuts his chin. He looks into my eyes. He is no longer shocked, he is now afraid. The look I gave him was the "I am gonna fucking kill you!! I will show you the meaning of malice!!! I am gonna fuck yo shitty ass up!!!!" I start thrusting my blade into him several times. I back flip, toss the Four sword up into the air.

Me-DIE!!!!!!!! FOUR FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!

My sword splits into four, and surrounds him. They create a hurricane and slice him up. They stop and impale him. The blades pull out and return to normal. It returns to my hand. Argorok and Darvus are up now, thanks to Argorok's Grandma's Reekfish soup.

Me-Darvus, after I blast him, you run at him and give him your hardest slash. After, get down on one knee for Argorok. He is going to leap off of your back to plant the Master sword into his face. As soon as he is in mid air, we will run in and plant our blades in his face.

I use Nayru's Rage. Darvus follows by and slashes Ganondorf in the torso. He drops down on one knee and Argorok charges at him, flips off his back and prepares for impact. Darvus and I lift off the ground, gliding into his face. All three blades smash into his face. He turns to stone. A black soul in the shape of an orb flies out. Argorok tosses me an arrow and I sling it at the soul through my bow as soon as it landed in my hand. I sighed, ran to my blade, ripped it out and ran to Ilia. She opens her eyes. There is a silence. Our lips join and we make out.

The ass it is.


We walk out. I have Ilia on my back and Argorok has Saria on his back. Darvus walks out cradling the blonde girl. We walk to the Tower Of Gods. We have a talk with our moms. And in the end, we are left outside, atop the tower.

Me-So, what will you guys do?

Argorok-I will go live in the Hyrule Castle.

Darvus-I am going to leave with my family and friends into the South Hyrule gate.

Me-I am going ask a carpenter to make a me a house in hyrule field. *sigh* Now we can live our lives from where they left off.

Darvus-Yeah. Ya think they will need us again?

Me-You our mom's? Yeah. Though I can't say for sure what we will do but yeah they will.

I pull out the guitar of waves and play a song I was taught a long time ago, The Song of Time. It seemed that they knew, so we played together.

--The End, for now,hehehe.

Somewhere, into the darkness, lies a realm, only of darkness. A palace sits in the center of the land.

Shadow-Ganondorf, what did you think of them?

Ganondorf-They will be much more challenging.

???-Do we move onto the next faze?

Ganondorf-Yes. Shadow, assist Majora in his rise, but then, watch him fall. Hahahaha!!! Onox, Veran, prepare the army.

Onox-Yes sir.

Zant, Nightmare, when Majora's reign is over, strike while Hyrule is weak.

Zant-Yes my lord.

Ganondorf-Bellum, You know what happens.

Bellum nods.

Ganondorf-Great, now move out. Oh and if you come across a boy named Relyt, don't mess with his girlfriend!!

Veran-So by saying that, you want us to?

Ganondorf-Are you like a fucking idiot? I said fucking no retard. No means no, not yes ya douchebag!!


Ganondor-Now leave, you have your duties!!! GO!!!!!! Let the war begin!! Heheheheheheh!!!