Chapter 5. ArgorokEdit

As Tatl and I make our way to Kokiri Forest, I wonder about what The Great Deku Tree said.

Great Deku Tree-You are that of Wisdom. You must find him yourself. This will be considered training. You must learn to use your mind before asking questions if you wish to pass the Trials Of Wisdom.

What he said swirls in my mind. My stomach feels a cramp.

Tatl-Relyt!!! Look a fork in the road. Use your mind to guide us.

Me-Huh? Oh. Umm.

I close my eyes and think. I listen for any noise. Then there are two noises. A song and .... something heading towards us. It is making some hissing. Judging by the sound and the hissing ....

Me-Tatl, left hurry.

Tatl and I run foward, though Tatl doesn't have legs, so he sores foward. The forest is dark and shadowy. I see a light coming up to right of my side. I grab Tatl and dive to the right. We fall straight down into flowers. When I got up, some kids stared straight at me.

Tatl-Is this Kokiri Forest?

???-Umm,yes it is.

Me-Hello, who are you?

???-I am Saria.

Me-Hello Saria.

Saria-Why are you here?

Me-We are looking for a boy named ...

A explosion behind us launches. Saria runs back. I pull my sword and shield out and back flip.

Boss:Subterranean Lava Dragon Volvagia battle 1Edit

A giant dragon comes in. It flies at me at blows fireball. I roll to the side. The fireball hits the ground and a ring of fire surrounds me. A song from behind me is played. I look back and a boy with black hair is playing a song on a blue ocarina. The dragon squeals. I pull out my guitar of waves and play the song with him. The dragon claws at its head and flies away. I pull out my bow and shoot an arrow t its eye as it slowly flies away. It plunges to the into the sea. --End Boss

The boy jumps down.

Saria-Argorok good job.

Argorok-What? I was just playin my ocarina.

Me-Wait your Argorok?

Argorok-Yeah. Who are you?

Tatl-Where is your Navi? She should have been here.

Argorok-Navi? Oh you mean that blue fairy. Yeah I trapped her in bottle. She was being really annoying saying that I was some kind of hero.


Me-Great go get her. We got alot to talk about.