Chapter 8. Kakariko Village BattleEdit

As we keeping going through the fields, I explain to Arogork, Navi and Tatl Outset.

Argorok-Weird, the same thing with me. Except my teacher's name is Link.

I pull out the map, as we arrive in a town.

Me-Hey, wait, this is.... Kakariko Village. If we go through here, there is a shortcut here.

???-Hey, who are you?

A figure is on house appears.

Me-My name is Relyt. This is Argorok, Tatl and Navi. We need to get to Death Mountain so that we could find the Hero Of Power.

???-What!?! You are the prophecy. My name is Gigi. I am a Twili. I need your help.

She vanishes and then reappears in front of us.

Gigi-You see, monsters from my realm are coming into town. Could you please help me?

Me-Yes. Where are they?

Gigi-They appear during twilight. I would take them on but there is to many.

Me-We will help you.

Gigi-Thank you.

We waited until twilight. Creatures appeared out of nowhere. We engage in battle, many fall but more come. Argorok pulls out his ocarina and plays a song that sends in a slight whirlwind tossing many in the air. I use the guitar of waves and play The Song Of Rain and The Whirlpool Song. This reduced the monsters to almost nothing. Gigi created a giant energy ball and finished them off. It was night, we stayed at Gigi's light realm house. As soon as Argorok got in, he fell asleep.

Gigi-Thank you. Here, I have a felling this may be of use to you.

Gigi hands me three crystals. They are black with orange stripes and a purple glow.

Give one to Argorok and the other guy.

Me-How do they work?

Gigi-Your teachers will explain when the time is right.

Me-How do you know about our teachers?

Gigi-I was sent here to aid you by them.

Me-What is the function of the crystals?

Gigi-That is a secret.

The next day we said goodbye and went to the center of the village. A sign said:

Kakariko Village >

< Death Mountain

We walked the trail searching for any sign of life form.