Chapter 9. DarvusEdit

The path to Death mountain seemed hard to scale. There were rocks that fell from the top not to mention the monsters. We managed to get to a small cave.

Me-There is no way we can get in from here.

Argorok-Can't you use that song to make rain?

Me-That would make a rock slide, and we will never make it up then. Hmm, wait maybe. Outset. Outset. Outset. Outset. Damn, I was hoping that he might come. The crystals. Maybe.

I focus energy into my crystal, it glows and then a flash. Everyone stairs at with astonishment.

Me-What? What is wrong?

They don't answer. I look down at my feet and notice, I now have PAWS!!

Me-Ahhh!!! I am a wolf!! Wait this might help.

I run out and dash through the path. I release all the energy in the crystal and I am back to normal. Shortly after, Argorok shows up as a wolf and turns human again.

Argorok-That was awesome.

We head up the trail.

???-Sorry Ciela, they can come get me here, I am ready.

Ciela-But Darvus, we don't know if they have started yet.

Navi and Tatl-Ciela!!

A redheaded boy in a red tunic with a sword as long as his body with a fairy are standing right in front of the Gorons Village.

Darvus-Hi, I am Darvus, hero of power.

Me-Hello, I am Relyt, hero of wisdom and this Argorok, hero of courage. Here this may useful on our quest.

I hand him a crystal.


???-Darvus wait.

We turn around and there is a goron is running this way.

Darvus-What is it Goromon?

Goromon-Hurry, we need your help in the mines. Some huge creature is in there and some shadowy figure lookin guy. Kinda like that blue guy.

Darvus-I am sorry, but I must save the world.

Me-Shadow. We will help, Shadow is behind all of this evil.

Tatl-No, Ganondorf is.

Me-Whatever, we are gonna help.