Chapter 1. New LifeEdit

Relyt-"Veil!!! Lets go!!! I am gonna be late. Hard to believe just a year ago, I saved the world from darkness."

'Indeed. I am Relyt. Like I said, a year ago I saved the world from eternal darkness, along with my cousins, Argorok and Darvus. So many things have changed. I no longer live with my sister Desert-Ray. Now I live in Northern Hyrule Field. Argorok lives in the Hyrule Castle located in Hyrule Castle Town. Darvus and his Goron family moved to Southern Hyrule Field. I head to Hyrule Castle Town in the mornings to get to school. Darvus, Ilia, Saria, that blonde girl and Selena go there as well. Argorok can never wake up on time to attend and I don't have enough time to go and wake him up.'


'Veil is my horse. Before we left the Tower Of Gods after we defeated Ganondorf, the goddess or our moms, gave us foal. Mine was a all black coated one. He group into a fine mare. He and I work together on many task. I also kept The Four Sword and the rest of my quest items. I keep the Four Sword on my back every where I go. Argorok also kept the Master Sword as well. Darvus, kept his Darunai Sword too.'

Veil finally comes.

Relyt-"Okay. Lets go!!"

Veil darts off. He knocks through everyone in Hyrule Catsle Town.

Relyt-"Veil, stop. We are here."

I get off, Veil darts home.

Ilia-Hello Relyt!!

Saria-"Wow, you two are so cute together, and broke your record".

Relyt-"...Uhhh, okay. Hey where is Darvus"?


Darvus plummets from the sky, I barely dodge.


Darvus-"Oops sorry Relyt. Didn't mean to scare you".

Relyt-"*sigh*It is alright. No one got hurt."

The blonde girl comes flying into a bunch of stacked barrels.

Barrel Owner-"HEY WHAT THE HELL??"

The two Arsions. They are the bullies around here.

Darvus-"You ass'!! You will pay for that!!"

Blonde Girl-"I'm sorry sir."

Barrel-"AH *jiberish*.

Ilia-"Relyt do something!!"

Saria-"Hey Arsions, go piss someone else off".

More arguing.

Relyt-'Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!'

Relyt-"SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!"

I pull out my Wolf Crystal.

Relyt-"BARK!! BARK!! GRRR!!! GRRRAHH!!!"

I ram into the Arsions. I use a technique I didn't even know I could use. A giant tidal wave comes from be hind me and mashes everyone into the wall. I turn back to normal.

Relyt-"Now. Darvus, Blonde girl, Saria, Ilia, go to class. Arsions, piss off. Barrel Owner, I am sorry. These two will help you put the barrels up. If they don't then GRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

Darvus-"You have anger issues."


Well today was the oddest day I ever had. At least I thought.