Nerie keeps shouting my name. I asleep in class, again.

Me-"Eh? Oh, must have fallen asleep again. Damn, I knew I should have taken the advance classes."

Nerie-"Come on! Hurry, we need to get there now!!"


Nerie-"There is this place called Lon Lon Ranch. They say that monsters keep taking chickens and braking stuff."

Me-"Okay, lets go. Where are Argorok and Darvus?"

Nerie-"They left already."

Me-"K, lets go."

Nerie and I call for Veil and we goto Lon Lon Ranch.


I stand up on Veil's back as a girl is about to get attacked by a Lizalfos. I jump off and Helm Splitter the Lizalfos.

Me-"You alright?"

???-"Y-y-yes. Who are you?"

Me-"Relyt Of Wisdom."

???-"You? Relyt? My name is Malon."

Me-"Nice to meet you."

Argorok-"Ok, we're here. Relyt? How'd you beat us?"

Me-"Veil is alot faster than Epona or Greviuos."

Malon-"Excuse me, I and my father wanted you to help us."


We go in and talk to her father, Talon. He explains to us how the Lizalfos keep coming an taking chickens. We stay there over the night, when they really come out.

Talon-"You three will stay in here."

He points to Barn.

Malon-"Dad, might I stay and sleep inside The Barn with them?"

Talon-"What? And risk your virginity?"

Me, Argorok, Darvus and Malon-"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!"

Talon-"You can stay for awhile, but when dark comes, you out, and it should be coming, in 3 minutes."

The four of us enter into The Barn.

Argorok-"What was with your father?"

Malon-"I don't know. So could you tell me about Ganondorf's demise?"

Me-"Well, sure."

We explain to her what happened.

Me-"Right in the head. Then-"


Me-'They're here.'

I look out the window. There area at least 30 of them.

Malon-"I have to go."

Me-"No, they will kill you, there is to many."

I then explain a plan to them.

Me-"Lets go."

Malon hides down with me while Argorok and Darvus go out to fight. Things are going good, but Talon comes out.

Talon-"Where the f**K is my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!"

A Lizalfos throws a spear and slams into his chest.


We run over to him.


Talon-"I want you to stay with Relyt. He can protect you better than I ever could. Just promise me you wont "experiment" with him or his friends."

Malon-"I promise. Not until I am 18."

Talon-"What? 18? UGH!!!!!!!"

Talon passes away.

Malon-"NO!!! You bastards will DIE!!!"

Malon charges a up a purple and red ball of death and launches it at them. It rains down purple lightning and kills all the Lizalfos.

Lizalfos-"EEEEEEEEEKK!!!!LEERD MAHORA!!!!!!!!"

The next day, Malon picks up her valuables and clothes and comes to my house. She takes the room next to mine.

Me-"Well, Ilia is gonna be pissed."

Malon-"Oh I almost for got."

Malon turns and gives me a long kiss on the lips.

Malon-"Thankyou. Relyt. See you inside."

She goes inside.

Argorok-"What the hell was that??"

Me-"I don't know."

Darvus-"Well as long as you didn't like it.'




Argorok-"Oh dear god, please tell me you didn't like it!"


Darvus-"You liked it."

ME-"I don't know."