Project: The Book of MudoraEdit

It is my plan, over the course of the summer, to create a book that combines all knowledge, legends and lore of Hyrule that I have encountered through my research of the series over the last ten years. And we all know there is just such a book in the series itself that fills that role: the Book of Mudora. So what better way to pull that knowledge from my mind and produce a hard copy of it than to create the famous bibliography of Hyrule's history itself? I plan to find the materials soon to begin the construction of the book and plan to make it by hand. My plans for the book's exterior and interior stand thus:


The book's cover and spine will be a nice green color that nicely matches the way it looked when we saw it in A Link to the Past. In a manner similar to the way J.K. Rowling created the Tales of Beedle the Bard, I intend to find decorative metal pieces to fasten to the book's corners to protect it from damage. I also intend to look for metallic triangles to fit together to form the Triforce on the book's cover, as it was in the series. I intend to give credit as well to Mudora himself, the great historian responsible for the book's creation within the series, and of course to the great Shigeru Miyamoto who conceived the two greatest game series in history. This will of course be part of the interior, so more of that later. But the exterior of the book will be decorated to look as close to its actual self within the series as possible, and I will be putting extensive detail into its appearance.


The book's interior, meanwhile, will be a comprehensive history of Hyrule as it was within the series. I will first provide credit to Mudora and to Miyamoto, as stated earlier. There will be the table of contents telling where to turn to for certain information about Hyrule. All in all, I envision about 20 chapters within the book concerning the many events that take place within the series, starting with the Hyrulean Civil War and going on down the list, although this number is subject to change as needed. The final chapter, whatever number that be, will be an appendix which will include every conceivable map, table, or picture released by the makers depicting the history of Hyrule. There will also be an area within the Appendix that will be for the many legends and lore of Hyrule, as it was within the series. It is also my plan to make it so that the book can be added to for future releases and new knowledge and discoveries, again just as it was meant to be within the series. Hopefully, when I am done, I will have a masterpiece that I can always turn to in order to refresh my knowledge of the series and that I can share with others since there has never been an attempt to create the book itself.

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. Creation of Hyrule and the Triforce
  2. Hyrulean Civil War
  3. Imprisoning War
  4. Salvation of Termina
  5. Zant's Invasion of Hyrule
  6. War of the Wizard
  7. Revival of Ganon
  8. Awakening of the Wind Fish
  9. The Great Flood
  10. Rise of the Hero of Winds
  11. Rescue of the Ocean King
  12. Foundation of a New Hyrule
  13. War of the Bound Chest
  14. War of the Minish Cap
  15. Return of Vaati
  16. Rebirth of the Dark Lord
  17. Silencing of Princess Zelda
  18. Resurgence of Ganon
  19. Reawakening of Princess Zelda
  20. Appendix


So it begins, the history of our fair Hyrule after our creation by the three great Golden Goddesses that descended from a far-distant nebula to give order and life to all. I, Mudora, have been appointed as a Sage and royal historian to our tribe's King. The King has tasked me with finding a way to document our young world's life, one that will be free of error and last unto the end of time for future generations. So that our descendants may recall the early days of the world's history and have the knowledge of the beginning from those who witness it, it is my wish to create a record of the world's history that can be passed down from generation to generation, one that will record every detail of our new world's life, from beginning to end. To this end, I have enchanted this book I am now writing in so that each new event that comes to pass in Hyrule shall be recorded without assistance, so that when I am gone, the book will continue on. And so this book will be the birth certificate and record of Hyrule's life, one that will continue on as long as Hyrule lives on. Civilizations may rise and fall in Hyrule for eons to come, but so long as Hyrule and its memory live on, so shall this book. I have also placed enchantments on this book so that it cannot be damaged by magic spells or wear. It is all too easy to leave it to chance that the book could fall into the wrong hands or be involved in some kind of accident, so I have taken an extra precaution to preserve the book long after I am gone, by placing a spell on it that will also protect it from damage or destruction. There are also tales of other lands the Goddesses created besides merely Hyrule, lands that too have been blessed with life and beauty. While the Goddesses have indeed blessed Hyrule and made it their chosen favorite of all their other creations, these other realms also deserve to be included should the time come that Hyrule comes into contact with them. There are rumors of a land that is strong with the currents of time and yet another that is strong with the power of the four seasons and yet another that lies far away across the seas that is protected by four great deities at the behest of the Goddesses. Whether these tales are true or not remains to be seen as the world is still so new, and we have much to celebrate and give thanks to the Goddesses for. They have blessed us Hylians with long ears so as to hear their messages and to pass them on to the other races of the realm. Our tribe has begun to coalesce around a leader, and we have constructed settlements within the realm that do not conflict with the strange others. Up on the high Death Mountain, it is said there is a race of rock-eating beings that believe only in brute strength and nothing more. Rumors also persist of a strange yet tranquil aquatic race that dwells in the caverns on the far side of Hyrule. These strange fish-like people are unknown to us, and yet they look to be a graceful race. There have also been reports of a largely female race of thieves in the desert far to the west. Some say they originated from across the sea, but it is still unclear where they came from as we have not yet had much contact with them. In the forests far to the south, there are rumors of a great tree that can think and talk, that has given life to a race of small child-like beings that roam the forests. None dare to venture into those woods, but there have been reports of such things from our scouts and soldiers. It shall be interesting to see how their civilizations interact with our own, and this book shall have the power to capture all of it so that our children and their children after them may know how everything came to pass in their world. And all the more mysterious are the tales of a realm connected to Hyrule, whose skies shine gold rather than the blue of our own. Within this realm, the spirits roam free and serenity reigns. It is said that at the heart of this Sacred Realm lies a mighty temple devoted to the element of light, and that the Goddesses departed for the heavens from the point atop this temple. And there, at that point atop this Temple of Light, they left a symbol of their power that contained their essences, that symbol being the divine relic known to our tribe as the Triforce. It is said that whoever touches this Sacred Triangle shall have whatever he desires granted. How this Sacred Realm and the magical Triforce shall affect this realm remains to be seen, but it does make one curious. This shall be the Book of Mudora, the everlasting and ever-enduring record of Hyrule's history, legends, and lore. To the many beings and spirits of this new and beautiful realm, I dedicate this book.


Chapter 1: Creation of Hyrule and the TriforceEdit


This first chapter shall detail much of Hyrule's early history, in addition to the early history of the world at large. In this chapter, I shall discuss the history of creation passed down amongst our tribe. The chapter will introduce the three great Golden Goddesses that created Hyrule as well as a divine relic called the Triforce, a symbol of their awesome power. They placed it in a hidden Sacred Realm hidden from sight and only accessible from Hyrule within the mighty Temple of Time. The Sacred Realm was created to house the Triforce and a mighty temple dedicated to the element of light, the pyramidal Temple of Light that sits at the heart of the Sacred Realm right at the point that the Goddesses left the world and returned to the heavens. They left the Triforce there, atop the Temple of Light, to await one worthy of its power in the hope that he or she would use it to lead Hyrule to a golden age of prosperity. They also enchanted the Triforce in an attempt to safeguard the realm of Hyrule should some evil gain access to the Sacred Realm, in ways that only the most knowledgeable could be aware of. From there, inside the Sacred Realm, the Triforce would beckon to those within Hyrule to seek it out and touch it with a wish in his or her heart.

The Dawn of TimeEdit

In the beginning, amidst the darkness of eternal space, from a distant nebula, three Goddesses were sent upon a formless chaotic waste of a world. Din, the Goddess of Power, forged the mountains and great plains from the fiery bowels of desolation and separated the waters of the sky and between the land. Farore engendered living intelligence upon the land with many creatures of varied kind, male and female they were.

Nayru, with wisdom brought the order of law and harmony upon nature and set into motion the everlasting cycle of birth, life, death, and afterlife, and these three created the unification of cosmic balance. Before these beautiful Goddesses traveled onward to create anew their masterwork, they bestowed a manifestation of their essence within a mighty artifact called the Triforce, an object that would be sought by many and attained by only one. The Triforce took its place within its heavenly annex within a Sacred Realm where the spirits roam free. And so began the odyssey of Hyrule.

So say the elders of our tribe about life's beginning. I shall translate however: Before time began, before spirits and life existed, three Golden Goddesses descended upon the chaos that was Hyrule. These three Goddesses were named thus: Din, the Goddess of Power; Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom; and Farore, the Goddess of Courage. They descended from a distant nebula to bring life and order to our world, and they set to work to create the world as we know it. Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land and created the red earth. With this, she was responsible for the creation of the very bedrock of the earth itself and was associated with the element of fire, which was her primary tool in her creation of the red earth. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. She was responsible for the conception of science and wizardry, gifting the world with magic and the laws of nature, and she was associated with the element of water. Farore, with her rich soul, she produced all life forms that would uphold the laws laid down by Nayru, those life forms primarily including: the Oocca, the Hylians, the Gerudo, the Sheikahs, the Interlopers, the Gorons, the Zoras, the Kokiri, the Deku, and the Minish. With this, Farore came to be known as the mother of all life and is associated with the elements of wind and earth. Of all the different races created by Farore, the Goddesses selected the humanoid race known as the Hylians as their chosen people and created them in their image, giving them elongated pointy ears so as to hear messages from the Goddesses themselves. The Hylians would then pass on these messages to the other less-privileged races that inhabit Hyrule. Thus was the land of Hyrule and all its inhabitants born from the powers of the three great Goddesses.

After-Effects of Hyrule’s CreationEdit

The life-creating essences of the Goddesses reached more than just Hyrule however. Hyrule, although the blessed and chosen land of the new world the Goddesses created, was not the only land created by the Goddesses. At this time, they also created other far-distant lands from the side-effects of Hyrule’s creation. One of these foreign countries, the land of Holodrum, was blessed with powerful connections to nature and was protected by the eight Essences of Nature and a mighty temple that housed the powers of the four seasons, which are said to be housed within a rod of great magical power. Another distant land created as a side-effect of Hyrule’s creation was the land of Labrynna, said to be especially powerful with the currents of time and protected by the eight Essences of Time and home to a harp that could manipulate time itself. Yet another land was created as a sister to Hyrule far across the sea, one said to be protected by four giant deities at the behest of the Goddesses. Finally, as a prison and place of punishment for those that irk the ire of the Goddesses, they created a realm of shadows, where perpetual twilight reigns always. Most of these lands were also blessed with the same laws that bind Hyrule and share many of Hyrule’s races as well. They each shared connections with Hyrule and would come into contact with Hyrule in due time.

The Sacred RealmEdit

The three great Goddesses also created another realm, one where the spirits roam free and where the color of gold reigns in dominance. This mystical place, strongest with all known magic, came to be called the Sacred Realm. Due to the dominance of the color gold throughout this strange and wondrous realm, it took on another less-formal title, that of the “Golden Land.” As a tribute to the force of light, they created a vast, pyramidal temple at the very heart of this Sacred Realm. This great temple came to be called the Temple of Light, a place heavily infused with magic of all kinds and linked to the many elements of the world. Before departing for the heavens once more upon completion of their work, the Goddesses chose to leave a symbol of their power that would contain their essences, one that could cause the world to enter a golden age, or, if the world allowed it, to fall into darkness. At the very point atop the Temple of Light, the Goddesses departed the world, leaving behind three golden sacred triangles that came together to form a larger triangle. This was the Triforce, the legendary symbol of the Goddess’ powers that is said to grant the holder his or her heart’s desire as long as he or she lives, provided they master the Triforce in its entirety. For there is a prophecy concerning the Triforce not many are privy to:

If you would seek the Sacred Triangle, listen well. The resting place of the Sacred Triangle, the Sacred Realm...It is a mirror that reflects what is in the heart...The heart of one who enters it...If that person’s heart is evil, the world will be consumed by evil…If pure, the Realm will become a paradise. The Triforce, the Sacred Triangle...It is a balance that weighs the three forces: Power, Wisdom, and Courage...If the heart of the one who holds the Sacred Triangle has all three forces in balance, that one will gain the True Force to govern all...But if that one's heart is not in balance, the Triforce will separate into three parts: Power, Wisdom, and Courage...Only one part will remain for the one who touched the Triforce, the part representing the force that one most believes in...If that one would seek the True Force, that one must acquire the two lost parts...Those two parts will be held by those chosen by destiny, who will bear the Triforce mark on the backs of their hands.

So that the people may not forget the existence of this strange and beautiful place, they may remember this incantation:

In a realm beyond sight, the sky shines gold, not blue. There, the Triforce’s might, makes mortal dreams come true.

The Forging of the Master SwordEdit

So if the heart of the one who enters the Sacred Realm is pure, the Realm will become a paradise and Hyrule shall be led to a golden age of prosperity. But if that one’s heart is an evil one, the Realm will become a world of evil, and Hyrule shall be consumed by darkness. The Goddesses created the Triforce and locked it away within the Sacred Realm in the hope that one of pure heart would one day find it, and with its power at his command, he could then lead the land of Hyrule to an age of peace and serenity. This was their original intention, but they also intended it as a test for the people: will they allow the Triforce to be used for the common good as originally intended, or will they allow their own greed to destroy the world and everyone in it?

To protect the gateway to the Sacred Realm and to provide for the time, should it come, that the Triforce is touched by one of impure heart, the Goddesses ordered the Ancient Sages, ethereal spirits that embody the elements of the world, to construct a blade of enchanted steel, one that would shine with a mystical light and possess the power to banish evil itself. This blade, housing the power to repel evil, shall be known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, or more commonly called the Master Sword. The Master Sword is a sacred blade, which evil ones may never, ever touch. It shall be wielded only by the legendary Hero of Time and his heirs, as their line shall forever protect Hyrule and its people from evil.

The Goddesses created a portal that leads to the Sacred Realm, making the Master Sword’s pedestal, the Pedestal of Time, the lock on this seal and the Master Sword itself the key. To protect the Master Sword and the portal it served to lock, the Goddesses ordered the Ancient Sages to construct a mighty temple dedicated to the element of time, the Temple of Time, around the Master Sword and to seal the sword in its own private chamber, blocked by a mighty stone barrier, that barrier being the Door of Time. The Door of Time would protect the Master Sword and would be locked by four magical keys that include three jewels and a mystical ocarina, the Ocarina of Time, paired with a certain song that has been associated with the currents of time, the Song of Time. When all of these things are brought together, the Door of Time shall open and yield its treasures to he who opens it.

The Prophecy of the Great CataclsymEdit

If one with an evil heart lays hands on the Triforce and shatters it, it is said that a Hero shall appear to challenge him, a Hero of the bloodline of the knights that serve the royalty of the Hylians. He shall wield the Blade of Evil’s Bane and challenge the evil that unleashed the Great Cataclysm and cast the world into darkness. If the Hero is slain, nothing can save the world from the wicked reign of the evil one. This Hero shall come to save Hyrule in its darkest hour, from the greatest of evils. When evil rules all, an awakening voice from the Sacred Realm shall call out to those destined to be Sages, five of which dwell in five temples throughout Hyrule: one in a deep forest, one on a high mountain, one under a vast lake, one within the House of the Dead, and one inside a Goddess of the Sand. There shall also be a Sage housed within the Temple of Light, who shall also awaken with the coming of the Hero; and a leader, the Sage of Time, shall gain his or her power from the mighty Temple of Time itself. Together with the Hero to protect them, the Seven Sages shall bind the evil within the void of the Realm and restore peace to the land of Hyrule. This Hero shall be known forevermore as the Hero of Time. He and his descendants shall survive through the currents of time, and he shall forever watch over Hyrule and protect it from the great evil across all the ages.

This prophecy is what shall come to pass should one of impure heart gain entry to the Sacred Realm and lay claim to the Triforce. This event, the Great Cataclysm, should it occur, shall indeed bring great darkness across the world with the splitting of the Triforce, but the light shall battle the darkness in the form of the legendary Hero of Time, coupled with the Seven Sages that possess the powers of time and nature. The evil one will indeed possess great and terrible power, but the Hero of Time shall have power the dark one knows not. His power, with the Master Sword at his command, shall combat the evil and drive back the darkness to restore light to the land, and the evil one shall be repelled. The Hero shall be the world's last great hope, and if he fails, nothing can save the world from the dark one's reign of terror. The Golden Power, and by extension, the Golden Land, shall not return to their original states until the dark one is ultimately vanquished. When that time comes, the Golden Power, the Trifore, shall reunite to obey the victor, and the Golden Land, the Sacred Realm, shall be cleansed and restored to its original glory. This shall happen only with the utter and definitive death of the dark one however. The dark one can only be conquered by the legendary Hero or his heirs, who shall wield the Master Sword against the dark one and restore Hyrule to peace.

Chapter 2: Hyrulean Civil WarEdit


The first major war in Hyrule's history, the Hyrulean Civil War would be the conflict that would, in the end, unify the realm into a single nation and bring all of Hyrule's races beneath the rule of one government, namely the Hylian Royal Family that would come to be known as the "Hyrulean Royal Family" henceforth. As it would happen, the Hyrulean Civil War would bring to the attention of all of Hyrule's major races the legendary relic known as the Triforce and its home, the fabled Sacred Realm which is connected to Hyrule via the ancient Temple of Time. When a race of sorcerers, the Dark Interlopers, learned of the Sacred Realm, they generated an ultimate weapon meant to dominate all other races of Hyrule and to seize their respective keys to the Sacred Realm in order to take over the Realm and seize the Triforce as their own. This would then spark the fierce and bloody conflict that came to be known as the Hyrulean Civil War, and would end with the Dark Interlopers imprisoned within a dimension of perpetual twilight and the land of Hyrule united under one banner. It would also be this conflict that would orphan the boy that would grow up to become the Hero of Time and that would bring the Sacred Realm and the Triforce to the attention of the evil King of the Gerudo Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire, who would go on to plot for the Realm's conquest in secret for over a decade beyond the war's end.

Temptation of the Golden PowerEdit

For ages following Hyrule's creation, the people lived in peace, content in mind and body. The many tribes of the land lived in peace and harmony, but still there was no central government for the entire realm to answer to. Those of the Hylian tribe kept relations with their neighbors, but mistrust and misunderstanding still persisted between the tribes of the land. From its hiding place within the Sacred Realm, the Triforce beckoned across the void to those from the outside, in the hope that one worthy of its power would find it and use it to lead Hyrule to a path of justice and benevolence. Soon, word of the fabled Sacred Realm and its treasure, the Triforce, spread across the world. Whispers of a limitless Golden Power that would grant the heart's desire of its holder as long as he or she lives spread like wildfire, creating an excited and yet power-hungry feeling within those who heard it. This was the test to which the Goddesses had intended the Triforce to put to the people, to give them a clear choice: to allow the Triforce to be shared and used to lead Hyrule to a golden age of prosperity and happiness, or to allow individual greed for the Triforce's power to tear the land apart and cast it into darkness. The ends to which the Triforce could be put were indeed mind-boggling to the many tribes of the realm, but it was not long before that lust for the Golden Power that was thriving in the hearts and minds of Hyrule's many beings soon turned to pure greed. From the summit of high Death Mountain to the distant Desert Colossus of the Gerudo Desert, the tales of the Golden Land spread, bringing that same greed with them. It was not long before the Sacred Realm's existence and purpose had become known to all of Hyrule's major races, turning Hyrule's once-stable situation quite volatile. Although Hyrule's many diverse races had co-existed quite harmoniously up to this point, the mistrust that remained hidden within the background, coupled with greed for the Golden Power's limitless magic, turned the state of the realm quite fragile, leaving it in a position where the peace could be shattered at any moment with one wrong move on the part of any one group toward another.

The Dark InterlopersEdit

Eventually, the stories of the Golden Land and the Golden Power housed within it reached the ears of a group of magicians powerful in magic and sorcery. These were the Interlopers, beings powerful in sorcery, on par with the Hylian race's best wizards. They made many important discoveries that rivaled even those of the Hylian wizards in pushing the boundaries of magic further and further in their search for more powerful and more useful magic. Of late, however, they had begun to delve into the darker aspects of the laws of magic set down by the great Goddess Nayru, and thus their neighbors bestowed upon them a new title: the Dark Interlopers. As such, their intentions grew equally darker. As they had researched and experimented to push the boundaries of magic further than any in living memory, these tales of an ultimate Golden Power were quite intriguing, not to mention seductive. Soon, they perfected an ultimate weapon, one in which they vested all of their dark powers. This dark artifact came to be known as the Fused Shadow, a helmet-like artifact that augmented the already powerful magic wielded by the Dark Interlopers. With a simple raise of a hand, they were able to obliterate a being in mere seconds using the Fused Shadow, and he who actually dared to put it on would be transformed into an awesome and yet terrible creature capable of much destruction. With this weapon, the Dark Interlopers felt none could stand against them. Seeking to rule over and subjugate the other races of Hyrule, they resolved to use the might of the Fused Shadow to declare war on them, seize their respective keys to the Sacred Realm, and open the gateway to the Sacred Realm to claim the Triforce as their own. With the Triforce's limitless magic at their fingertips, they believed they could become the ruling tribe of Hyrule unto the end of time. These dark plans would be the spark that would ignite the first full-scale war in Hyrule's history and would sow the seeds of Hyrule's future yet to come.

Birth of the Princess of Destiny and the Hero of TimeEdit

It was around this time that the King of the Hylian tribe and his wife gave birth to a child, a girl they chose to name Zelda. However, the Queen died a short time after giving birth to Zelda, leaving the King and Zelda to rule the Hylian race. The King selected the leader of the Sheikah tribe that had forged an alliance with the Hylians, Impa, to tend to Zelda in place of her mother and to be her overall caregiver. Impa had been born and raised in a village on Death Mountain's slopes named Kakariko, founded by her race, the Sheikah, and behind which sat the Shadow Temple, home to Hyrule's dead that was also built by the Sheikah. It was Impa's first and foremost responsibility to protect Zelda and keep her out of harm's way. Hence the baby's title would become "Princess Zelda," the first to ever hold that title, but certainly not the last as time would reveal. Around this same time, one of the King's Knights, the "Knights of Hyrule" as they were called, fathered a son with one of the Hylian women. The couple lived peacefully alongside the other members of the Hylian race and was subject to the rule of the Royal Family. The father was one of the King's most trusted Knights and was arguably the most skilled fighter of all the Knights of Hyrule, whose oath was to protect the Hylian Royal Family and to follow their King to whatever end. They served as the guardians of peace and justice amongst the Hylian tribe, protecting the tribe from external threat as well as internal unrest or dispute. The mother and father rejoiced at the birth of their new son, and agreed to name him Link. Shortly afterward, the King called the father to service due to a growing threat. Little did they know that their time with their newborn son would indeed be short due to the coming storm that was the Hyrulean Civil War, which would soon rock the entire realm of Hyrule.

Outbreak of the WarEdit

Finally, with their ultimate weapon, the Fused Shadow, perfected, the Dark Interlopers were at last ready to pursue their ultimate goal of seizing control of the Sacred Realm and harnessing the power of the Triforce for their own ends, namely subjecting the other races of the realm under their rule. Thus, they declared war on their neighbors holding the respective keys to the Door of Time: the Kokiri's Emerald, the Goron's Ruby, the Zora's Sapphire, and the Ocarina of Time. The first three of these keys were known as the "Spiritual Stones" kept by the Kokiri, Goron, and Zora races respectively and were the hidden treasures of each race. The Ocarina of Time meanwhile was kept as the hidden treasure of the Hylian race and was in the possession of the Royal Family. The Dark Interlopers struck, attacking each race respectively in an attempt to take from them their keys to the Sacred Realm. Soon, all the land's major races were drawn into the conflict. Knowing that the Triforce could enable whoever claimed it to dominate all others, even the other races of the land began to fight each other even as the Interlopers attacked them as well, fighting for control of the Sacred Realm in a race to seize the Triforce before the others could. The only race that did not enter directly into the conflict was the Kokiri, the children of the forest that were under the protection of the guardian spirit of the forest, the Great Deku Tree. Although they possessed one of the keys to the Door of Time, they were shielded from the major parts of the conflict by the mighty Kokiri Forest, which stood as a barrier, deterring outsiders from entering it. The Gorons and the Zoras meanwhile joined in the confrontation, and a fierce battle ensued as the entire realm erupted into the first full-scale war of its history. The Knights of Hyrule, under the command of their King, took up the Hylian banner to defend their tribe against the catastrophic attacks of the Dark Interlopers. After many battles leading the Knights in defense against the Interlopers, the father of the boy named Link was badly wounded in the fighting. He eventually passed away on the field of battle, Hyrule Field, leaving his wife and his newborn son to fend for themselves in the struggle. After his death and the vacancy of his seat as one of the Hylian King's most trusted advisers and General, the Gerudo race of largely female thieves, led by their King, Ganondorf Dragmire, joined forces with the Hylians to defend themselves against the attacks of the Interlopers. The Gerudo King was a dark man, with piercing yellow eyes and a strong, powerful body and mind. He developed an alliance with the Hylian army, and he served as a partner with the Hylian King throughout the war, taking the place once occupied by Link's father as the King's new confidant. The fighting went on for weeks on end, shedding much blood and devastating the world, seemingly without end. But the Fused Shadow proved a most formidable weapon, and with its power, the Dark Interlopers suffered few casualties and were able to obliterate any being with a mere gesture. As victory seemed near at hand for the Interlopers, they felt that nothing could stand against them.

Divine InterventionEdit

As this civil war spread across the world and threatened to destroy all they had created, the three Golden Goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, decided it was time to step in to save the land of Hyrule from self-destruction. Knowing that the Interlopers had sparked the war to seize power, they resolved to remove the avaricious magicians from the world of light and to punish them for their sins in the hope that removing them would bring calm to the land of Hyrule and stem the bloodshed. To do this, they summoned four Light Spirits to the land of Hyrule: Lanayru, Eldin, Faron, and Ordona. Lanayru took the form of a divine serpent, and was gifted with his own orb of light that housed his power. Eldin, likewise also had an orb of light that was the source of all his powers, but he took the form of a proud eagle with great wings. Faron meanwhile took the form of a monkey and also was gifted his own orb of light that provided him with his power. And finally, Ordona took the form of a large, spectral goat that stored his own orb of light in the hole formed by his singular circular horn on top of his head. The Golden Goddesses gave the Light Spirits their orders: to confiscate the Fused Shadow from the shadowy magicians known as the Dark Interlopers and to chase them out of the realm of light, into the prison-world of perpetual twilight, where they would henceforth only exist as shadows outside the so-called Twilight Realm.

The Light Spirits did as they were instructed. They descended from the heavens and in one fell swoop confiscated the Fused Shadow from the Interlopers. Without their ultimate weapon's strength and terrified of these strange happenings, the Interlopers fled across the land of Hyrule, into the Gerudo Desert beyond Hyrule proper's borders as they were pursued by the four spectral Light Spirits. There, in the midst of the vast desert, the Light Spirits opened the doorway to the Twilight Realm and chased the Dark Interlopers through it. It was a place like no other: an entire realm that consisted of perpetual twilight and an unfriendly terrain. Once there, the Interlopers began to change: their faces became white as chalk while their eyes turned predominately red and their bodies twisted into strange shapes reminiscent of shadows and turned predominately black accordingly. The Light Spirits broke apart the Fused Shadow into four fragments, one of which they allowed to stay with the Dark Interlopers, as a reminder of their broken power and their defeat at the hands of the Goddesses, whom they had greatly displeased. The other three were split amongst Lanayru, Eldin, and Faron respectively. The Interlopers, resigning themselves to their situation and seeking to distance themselves from their humiliating defeat at the hands of Hyrule's Goddesses, gave themselves a new name: the Twili. As the years passed, they became a peaceful race and grew accustomed to their new home in the Twilight Realm. Although they were confined to the boundaries of the Twilight Realm, the Goddesses did not completely sever the Interlopers' connection to Hyrule. They created an artifact that possessed the power to open a single gateway between the Twilight Realm and the land of Hyrule, and they left it at the point where they had vanished into the twilight, a vast temple built by the Gerudo race of thieves used to worship the Gerudo Goddess of the Sand, a place originally called the Spirit Temple. This artifact, which came to be known as the Mirror of Twilight, was left in the care of the spectral Ancient Sages that watched over the realm since its beginning. Thus, the Dark Interlopers vanished from the land of Hyrule, and they would never be able to take physical form again outside the twilight.

Disappearance of the Hero of TimeEdit

At a certain point prior to the banishment of the Dark Interlopers to the Twilight Realm, the fighting reached even the major Hylian settlement ruled by the Hylian Royal Family, forcing many from their homes and raining death and destruction from all sides. The mother of the infant Link was forced from her home during one of the attacks of the Dark Interlopers following the death of her husband, and to escape from the fires of the fierce war, she resolved to flee their settlement and try to escape the war, planning to escape to a place relatively untouched by the intense fighting, the forbidden Kokiri Forest. Packing her infant son and taking what provisions she could, she fled her besieged home as war raged all around her. As she was fleeing the settlement, she was gravely wounded but was able to escape her assailants. She fled as far as she could possibly go on horseback, and she escaped into the depths of the forest, taking her infant son with her. However, her injuries were quickly weakening her, and her strength was giving way quite quickly. Finally, when she could go no further and her energy was spent, she collapsed on the forest floor, clutching her child closely. As she was about to faint, she heard small footsteps nearby and just lost consciousness as many small figures appeared from the shadows of the trees around her.

These small figures were the Kokiri, the child-like race protected by the Great Deku Tree whose members were said to never age. They brought her to their settlement deep within the forest and tried to tend to her wounds, but her injuries were so great that they could do little but comfort her. They then took her before the Great Deku Tree himself, the guardian spirit of the forest that took the form of a great, talking tree. The Hylian mother regained consciousness as her last moments were nigh, and the Deku Tree conversed with her concerning the future of her son. Knowing that her time was quickly drawing to a close, she revealed the child's name to be Link and made it clear she did not want him to become another victim of the civil war that was tearing the realm apart. Her only option was to leave her child under the guardianship of the Great Deku Tree, who could sense that her child was one of destiny, whose fate would affect the entire world and change the course of Hyrule's future in years to come. Shortly after the Deku Tree promised to protect her child from harm and to watch over him as he grew, the mother finally gave up her spirit.

Following the burial of the Hylian mother, the Deku Tree resolved to raise Link in accordance with Kokiri tradition, teaching him the means necessary to survive in the forest and to deter him from straying outside its borders until he was ready. The Deku Tree resolved to not tell the child of his true heritage or what he truly was until the time was right, until he was ready to know. One slight problem with this information was the fact that every Kokiri has a fairy companion to accompany them throughout the course of their lives, leaving Link the only member of the tribe without one due to his true heritage. The Deku Tree did not deem this to be too revealing however, and decided the best way to protect the child was to withhold his true heritage from him until he was fully prepared to know it and accept his destiny as a Hylian. For ten years, the boy would grow up amongst the children of the forest, not having any idea why he seemed somehow different from all the other Kokiri nor why he alone did not have a fairy companion. Thus, the boy that would one day become one of the greatest figures in Hyrule's history vanished from the public eye, disappearing into the depths of the forest, not to be seen nor heard from again for a decade.


With the disappearance of the Dark Interlopers, some of the war's greatest contributors were removed from the equation. However, the remaining races continued to battle for control of the Triforce. As the war dragged on, the Gerudo King, Ganondorf, called for a ceasefire amongst all parties and a parley between the tribal chiefs to discuss a way to end the war and stem the bloodshed. The Zora ruler, King Zora, and the Goron leader, Darunia, attended this meeting, alongside Ganondorf and the Hylian King. It was agreed between the leaders that the war couldn't be allowed to continue on to destroy all they held dear. Ganondorf mediated the meeting and helped draw up the terms between the tribes to end the war. The warring factions agreed to discontinue their efforts to seize the Triforce and to allow each race to keep their respective keys to the Sacred Realm as a way of keeping the means of opening of the Sacred Realm equally distributed between the tribes. Each agreed to not take the Triforce merely for their race's own gain, and that the only way the Sacred Realm would be opened would be if it were to the benefit of all of Hyrule's tribes. Otherwise, they were all content to leave the Sacred Realm be for the present time and to begin rebuilding what they had already lost as an indirect result of it.

To ensure that similar events would not happen again, Ganondorf suggested that a central government be arranged that they could all pledge their allegiance to, for a safer and securer society and for unity throughout the land. He negotiated the naming of the Hylians as the ruling tribe of a monarchy that would be ruled by the Hylian Royal Family, one that all could pledge their allegiance to and place their trust in. Thus, the Hylian King was now proclaimed the "King of Hyrule," and the Royal Family's title was edited to reflect the establishment of the new country that now encompassed all of Hyrule. The newly-minted King of Hyrule pledged to protect all beings of the realm and to insure that similar happenings such as those that led to the Hyrulean Civil War would not happen again. As such, the other races pledged their allegiance and devotion to the King of Hyrule, and agreed to coexist with the Hylians peacefully. Each of the tribes would remain intact with their individual leaders still ruling them, but their final allegiance lay with Hyrule and its King. Darunia made the King his sworn brother and agreed to come to his aid whenever needed. King Zora also pledged his race's allegiance to the new nation, as did Ganondorf with the Gerudo and Impa with the Sheikah (most of which were killed in the war, leaving Impa one of their sole survivors). Envoys were also sent to the Kokiri, who readily accepted the new government and pledged devotion to it, despite the fact that they could not leave the forest. Hence, the war was finally over, and Hyrule was at last united under one banner, thanks in large part to the King of the Gerudo Thieves.

Unification of HyruleEdit

Construction began on a capital for the new country of Hyrule, whose location was selected by the new King and was subsequently built in the northern part of Hyrule, across Hyrule Field and quite near the ancient Temple of Time, the gateway to the Sacred Realm that had been so fought over. The King then ordered the construction of a massive castle that would house the Royal Family of Hyrule and serve as the seat of Hyrule's government. This castle, built just north of the new capital city of Hyrule, was appropriately named "Hyrule Castle," and the vibrant new capital became known as "Hyrule Castle Town." This city would grow and prosper over the years and become the heart of Hyrule's culture, where beings of all races would come to conduct business and pay homage to the Royal Family. A coronation was held shortly thereafter, in which the Hylian King formally took on his new title as the "King of Hyrule," and his daughter was subsequently proclaimed the "Princess of Hyrule." A great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, and all of high or low caste came to pay homage to their new King and his infant daughter Princess Zelda. The King thanked all of his allies and his subjects, pledging to rule them with wisdom and understanding and to always keep the order and peace of the kingdom.

Although it would seem that all was well in the land of Hyrule, this was not the case. Far to the west of the new Hyrulean captial, in the heavily guarded Gerudo Fortress near the Gerudo Desert, the so-called "hero" of the Hyrulean Civil War (as the war would come to be known in history), the Gerudo King Ganondorf, sat upon his own throne, reminiscing over the legends of the Golden Power, the Triforce, that he had come to know through the war. While he had helped install the new Royal Family to unify the realm, this was all a sham: Ganondorf had no intention of subjugating his people or himself forever to the rule of a race of what he deemed to be weak beings. He merely helped install a man who had the utmost of trust in him into the most powerful position in the land, one that would in the end prove instrumental in his future schemes. The fact that he had the full and complete confidence of the King of Hyrule would be essential in his ulterior motives that would come to light in years to come. He began to think of just what the Triforce could do for his people; he could lift his people out of their miserable lifestyle in the desert and rule over the fertile land of Hyrule forever with its power. And to this thought he held; but soon his mind began to turn to more selfish and evil thoughts, those of conquest, domination, and immortality. In time, his original wish of creating a better way of life for his people would be as nothing, easily outweighed by his own desires. Ganondorf resolved himself to discover all he would need to know to enter this so-called Golden Land and to claim the Triforce, and for ten years he would research and plot for his overthrow of the Royal Family he himself had helped to install upon the Throne of Hyrule and to take the Triforce for his own.

Chapter 3: Imprisoning WarEdit


Likely one of the most famous and yet most devastating conflicts in Hyrule's history, the Imprisoning War would be a major turning point in Hyrule's history and would set the stage for much of Hyrule's history yet to pass. It was during this conflict that the Prophecy of the Great Cataclysm would come to fruition, the Triforce would be shattered, and the Sacred Realm would become a world of darkness and despair called the Dark World, christening Hyrule as the Light World. The evil King of the Gerudo Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire, would enact a set of machinations that had been a decade in the making to break into the Sacred Realm and lay claim to the Triforce. After successfully penetrating the Sacred Realm's defenses with the unwitting aid of a young boy from the forest named Link and Hyrule's Princess Zelda, he would claim the Triforce of Power and use it to force Hyrule to bow to his wishes, eradicating the Knights of Hyrule that protected the Hyrulean Royal Family in the process. Seven years later, the boy known as Link, last descendant of the Knights of Hyrule, would return to Hyrule as the fabled Hero of Time chosen by the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword. Wielding the magical Master Sword and the Triforce of Courage, the Hero of Time would journey across Hyrule to awaken the mythical Seven Sages, and with their aid, including Princess Zelda, the Leader of the Sages and wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom, he would go on to battle and defeat the newly-minted King of Evil, Ganondorf. Using the might of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf would go on to transform into the monsterous Dark Beast Ganon and become the well-known menace he is most famous for in modern history. The Hero of Time would once again defeat Ganon with the might of the Master Sword, and the Seven Sages would combine their powers to cast Ganondorf back into the Dark World, where they expected him to remain for all eternity, and sealing the gateway with the Seal of the Sages. In payment of Hyrule's debt to the Hero of Time, Princess Zelda would use the magical Ocarina of Time to send the Hero of Time back to his own age to regain his childhood, creating a massive time paradox that would split Hyrule's history into two branches, the first being Hyrule's pacified past which the Hero of Time returned to before Ganondorf could conquer the land and the second being Hyrule's dark future with Hyrule left in ruins and recovering from Ganondorf's evil reign.

The Return of the Gerudo KingEdit

After ten years had passed since the end of the Hyrulean Civil War, trouble once again began to brew for the land of Hyrule far to the west in the vast Gerudo Desert. The King of the Gerudo Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire, had been researching the legends of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce for the past decade in search of a way to break into the Sacred Realm and claim the Triforce for his own. Ganondorf journeyed to the land of Hyrule and threatened the leaders of Hyrule's tribes with catastrophes if they did not turn over to him their respective keys to the fabled Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule, the Spiritual Stones. He also journeyed to the Hyrulean capital, Hyrule Castle Town, to the residence of the Royal Family of Hyrule, Hyrule Castle, to pledge false allegiance to the King of Hyrule in the hope of discovering where the King kept the Hylian race's key to the Sacred Realm, the Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf had learned, during the Hyrulean Civil War roughly a decade earlier, that the three Spiritual Stones, the Ocarina of Time, and the Song of Time were needed to open the great barrier in the Temple of Time that led to the Sacred Realm, the Door of Time. Ganondorf's plot revolved around these objects because it was said that inside that Sacred Realm resided the divine relic known as the Triforce, which contained the Essence of the Gods and was said to grant its holder his or her heart's desire. Ganondorf sought to enter the Sacred Realm to seize the Triforce and become the ruler of the world.

Coercing the Great Deku TreeEdit

Ganondorf first visited the Kokiri Forest in search of the Kokiri's Emerald, the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, knowing the guardian spirit of the forest, the Great Deku Tree, possessed it. As he stood before the Deku Tree, Ganondorf demanded that he relinquish the Spiritual Stone to him if he wished to avoid trouble then and there. The Deku Tree, sensing Ganondorf's dark intentions and his evil heart, solidly refused to cooperate with the Gerudo King and turned him away. Ganondorf however was not to be cast aside lightly, and he used his dark magic learned from his surrogate mothers Twinrova to cast a death curse upon the Deku Tree in the form of an army of Gohma and their leader Queen Gohma. He sent these monsters to infest the Deku Tree's interior and slowly but surely kill the tree for his refusal to cooperate, deciding that he'd wait for the Deku Tree's death (which wouldn't be far off under the curse Ganondorf had cast upon him) and then return to claim the Kokiri's Emerald once the Deku Tree was dead.

Deadlock With DaruniaEdit

The next Spiritual Stone, the Spiritual Stone of Fire known as the Goron's Ruby, was held by the Goron race of Death Mountain and their leader, Darunia. Ganondorf came to their settlement, Goron City, and requested a meeting with Darunia. He attempted to persuade Darunia to hand over the Goron's Ruby to him, but Darunia soundly rejected the request as the stone was his race's hidden treasure and he did not trust Ganondorf's intentions. In response, Ganondorf infested the Dodongo's Cavern, the food source for the Goron race, with the ancient Dodongo beasts led by the gigantic King Dodongo and sealed off the entrance to the cavern with a massive boulder. He demanded the stone in return for opening the cavern back up and allowing the Gorons access to their food supply once more. Deciding he'd let the Gorons think about his demand on empty stomachs and see how long they lasted before they gave in, Ganondorf left Death Mountain and made for the home of the final Spiritual Stone.

An Audience With King ZoraEdit

The third and final Spiritual Stone, the Spiritual Stone of Water known as the Zora's Sapphire, was held by the royal family of the Zora race and its head, King Zora. King Zora and his wife had presented their daughter, Princess Ruto, with the stone and told her to give it to the man who would one day become her husband when she met him. Ganondorf visited the watery home of the Zoras, Zora's Domain, and requested an audience with the Zora King. In King Zora's Throne Room, Ganondorf demanded that he hand over the Zora's Sapphire if he wished to avoid catastrophe for the Zora race. In the face of coercion, King Zora flatly refused to yield to the Gerudo King's demands and turned him away. As with the previous two leaders of Hyrule's tribes however, Ganondorf decided to force the Zora King into yielding to him by means of destroying the things he and the Zora race at large valued most. He cast a debilitating curse upon the Zora deity Lord Jabu-Jabu and infested his insides with Bari led by the monstrous anemone Barinade. He also saw to it that Princess Ruto vanished into Lord Jabu-Jabu's interior so that the King would be left in a worried state and eventually reconsider his decision.

A State Visit To Hyrule CastleEdit

The final key to the Door of Time, the Ocarina of Time, was held by the Royal Family of Hyrule, namely the head of state, the King of Hyrule. Ganondorf traveled from Zora's Domain to the Hyrulean capital Hyrule Castle Town and to the residence of the Royal Family, Hyrule Castle, on a state visit to pledge his supposed allegiance to the King of Hyrule. There, the King of Hyrule welcomed him into the castle as an old ally from the Hyrulean Civil War and fellow tribal leader, inviting him to stay in the castle during his visit to the capital, an offer which Ganondorf gladly accepted due to his real reason for visiting the castle: to discover where exactly the King kept the Ocarina of Time. In truth, Ganondorf was planning to betray the King and lay siege to Hyrule Castle when he found out where exactly the Ocarina was and when his army was in the right position. Then, with Hyrule at his feet, he could then use his victory over the Royal Family as even more leverage to wrestle possession of the Spiritual Stones from the other tribes of Hyrule and open the Door of Time to claim the Triforce from the Sacred Realm. In the meantime, the King's daughter, Princess Zelda, grew immediately distrustful of Ganondorf, sensing his dark intentions through dark dreams she was having about storm clouds billowing over the land of Hyrule, clouds that would be parted and driven away by a boy holding a green and shining stone and accompanied by a fairy. Zelda tried to warn her father of Ganondorf's true nature, but due to his assistance in the Hyrulean Civil War, the King did not believe Zelda's dream was a prophecy and refused to do anything against Ganondorf without there being any substantiating evidence or testimony to support Zelda's story.

Chapter 4: Salvation of TerminaEdit

Warp Edit

After the Hero, Link, defeated the curses plus Ganon, he returned to his old time. His partner, Navi, fluttered away. Link ran out of the Temple and followed Navi to the Lost Woods. First, though, Malon stopped him and gave him the horse, Epona. Now Link was tackled by two troublesome fairies. The Skull Kid appeared out of nowhere, wearing a newer mask. He took the Ocarina from Link, then jumped on the horse. Link held on to Epona, but was thrown off. Link gave chase until he fell into Termina, where he became a Deku.

Purify Edit

Link, now a Deku, followed the Skull Kid, but one of the fairies attacked him. She then told Link to oped the door. He did so. The fairy introduced herself to be Tatl. Link was then confronted by the Happy Mask Salesman. The Salesman told Link to get the Ocarina of Time and the Mask the Skull Kid wore. Link did this, but forgot the Mask.

Swamp Purification Edit

Link went to the Southern Swamp, now once again a Hylian. He freed the Monkey and Dekus, as well as saved Koume. He went to the Woodfall Temple, where he freed Odwalla the Giant from evil.

Spring Comes to Snowhead Edit

Link went to Snowhead, where he met and freed Darmani. He then saved the Goron Elder and calmed the Goron's son. He went to the Snowhead Mountain, where he freed Goht the Giant from evil.

They Learn a Lesson. Edit

Link went to Milk Road, where he met Romani and got Epona. Then, it became 2:30 AM, and They came. Link fended Them off until 5:30 AM, then recieved Milk.

Great Bay is Cleaned. Edit

Link went to Great Bay, where he met and freed Mikau. He then broke into the Gerudo's Fortress and Pinnacle Rock, where he saved Lulu's Zoralings. He went to the Bay Temple, where he freed Gyorg the Giant from evil.

Spirits are Tamed Edit

Link went to Ikana, where he met and freed Sharp. He then broke into the Ikana Castle, where he tamed Igos du Ikana. He went to the Stone Tower, where he freed Twinmold the Giant from evil.

The Moon Edit

Link went into the Moon where he defeated the crazy Majora.

Chapter 5: Zant's Invasion of HyruleEdit


During the Imprisoning War, Ganondorf Dragmire gained hold of the Triforce of Power and became the Usurper King of Hyrule. Link, the Hero of Time, using the power of the Master Sword and the support of the Seven Sages as well, confronted Ganondorf. Ganondorf transformed into Ganon, and during the final battle, Ganon was stabbed in the face with the Master Sword. Though not killed, the Sages sealed him away in the Sacred Realm.

However, Zelda sent Link back to his original time and created a massive time paradox, and as such Ganondorf's imprisonment in the Sacred Realm occurred only in the adult timeline of the Imprisoning War. In the child timeline, things were a bit different. Link returned to the tranquil Hyrule of the past as a child to warn Princess Zelda and her father of Ganondorf's plot (leaving for Termina shortly thereafter for his adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask), which he knew was about to happen due to his experience in the adult timeline. Ganondorf was captured by the King's soldiers before he could successfully conquer Hyrule Castle, and was found guilty of treason by the King.

Ganondorf was then taken by the Ancient Sages to await execution at the Arbiter's Grounds (the Spirit Temple-turned-Hyrulean Prison) in Gerudo Desert by the order of the King. Ganondorf was executed by impalement while chained to a rock. The Triforce (still shattered amongst its respective holders due to the events of Ocarina of Time nonetheless) revived him, and he escaped, maliciously murdering the Sage of Water. In a hasty response, the Sages activated the Mirror of Twilight, reducing Ganondorf to a spirit and throwing him into the Twilight Realm.

A century later, Zant was a candidate to become the Twilight King, the ruler of the Twilight Realm. He was passed over, and instead, Midna became the ruler. Zant went into an emotional breakdown and became insane.

As he fell to his knees, praying to the gods, Ganondorf's spirit answered his prayers as a false god and, in exchange for support in escaping the Realm, gave him kingship and sorcerer's powers. With these new powers, Zant usurped the throne from Midna and sealed the powers of the Sols, which are mystical orbs that protect the Twilight Realm from the darkness. With the Sols rendered useless and both guarded by Zant's Hands, Zant morphed the Twili into Shadow Beasts and shattered the peace enjoyed by the Hyruleans by unleashing Twilight into Hyrule.

A Hero’s WarningEdit

Near the conclusion of the Imprisoning War (in the child timeline), the Gerudo King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire, had plotted to overthrow the King of Hyrule and establish dominion over the fabled Sacred Realm, home of the legendary Triforce, which was said to grant it’s holder his or her heart’s desire. Ganondorf, who originally wanted to rule the land of Hyrule in order to establish a better way of life for his people, the Gerudo, felt that it was unfair that he and his people were forced to live in the harshness of their home, the Gerudo Desert, while the other races of the realm of Hyrule enjoyed the gentle breezes and rolling fields that made up Hyrule's lands. To this end, he sought to launch an invasion of Hyrule in order to overthrow the King of Hyrule and enter the Sacred Realm so that he could claim the Triforce for his own and rule the land of Hyrule. Soon, however, his lust for the Triforce’s power corrupted Ganondorf’s mind and made his lust for power and conquest outweigh his mere desire to better his tribe’s means of living until there was nothing left in him but greed and pure evil. He traveled to the land of Hyrule and pledged false allegiance to the King of Hyrule at Hyrule Castle, the seat of Hyrule’s government.

It was during this time that the King’s daughter, Princess Zelda, had become increasingly suspicious of Ganondorf’s intentions due to her dreams of a darkness covering Hyrule, which was a symbol representing Ganondorf, whose reign would be split by a boy from the forest (Link) and saw fit to spy on the Gerudo King through one of the castle’s courtyard windows as he bowed before her father. It was then that a boy clothed in green appeared behind Zelda, and though she had not met him before, she knew him from her dreams as the boy that would save Hyrule from evil.

The boy, the Hero of Time, had just returned from seven years in the future to warn Princess Zelda and her father of Ganondorf’s treachery and to help turn the tide in Ganondorf’s invasion. He proceeded to tell the Princess of all that he had experienced during the major events of the Imprisoning War, which left Ganondorf imprisoned within the Dark World (the former Sacred Realm) in the adult timeline. Together, the pair warned Zelda’s father of Ganondorf’s true nature, and the King prepared for Ganondorf’s invasion, which soon followed just as Link and Zelda had told him. While the Gerudo invasion left much of the Hyrulean capital in ruins, Ganondorf’s Gerudo Army was ultimately defeated thanks to the Hero of Time's warning, and the Gerudo King was taken into the custody of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Execution of the King of EvilEdit

The King of Hyrule, seeing Ganondorf’s true colors and having lost all trust in him, deemed the Gerudo King too dangerous to be left alive and sentenced him to death by impalement. The King’s servants, the Ancient Sages, took the form of ethereal wise men and were tutors to Princess Zelda by the King’s order. They also served as guardians of a relic known as the Mirror of Twilight and were the King’s administrators of justice. The King handed Ganondorf over to the Sages to be taken to the newly minted Hyrulean Prison, the Arbiter's Grounds (a place many suspect to be the former Spirit Temple), in the heart of Ganondorf’s homeland, the Gerudo Desert, to await execution. There, the Sages chained the King of Evil to a large boulder on the roof of the ancient prison, quite close to the Mirror of Twilight. The Sage of Water wielded a glowing blade of light, the Execution Sword, and drove it through Ganondorf’s chest, leaving a glowing wound on his chest and seemingly killing him.

At that moment, however, the symbol of the Triforce of Power appeared on the back of Ganondorf’s hand. Due to his future self’s actions (namely the unleashing of the Great Cataclysm), the Triforce remained split amongst its three holders across both branches of the time paradox, leaving the Triforce of Power with Ganondorf, the Triforce of Wisdom with Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage with the Hero of Time. Upon Ganondorf being fatally wounded, the Triforce of Power activated within Ganondorf to prevent him from dying, and the Gerudo was revived. As Ganondorf strained against his chains, they eventually gave way, and he broke free, temporarily killing the Sage of Water in the process. The other Sages, knowing no better solution to keep Ganondorf from killing them all and escaping, activated the Mirror of Twilight, opening the gateway between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm and sending Ganondorf through it.

Ganondorf was reduced to spiritual matter as he was sucked through the portal created by the Twilight Mirror, and the portal closed, causing him to vanish from Hyrule. Although Ganondorf survived, the execution would still leave a mark on him nonetheless. The Execution Sword left a glowing wound on his chest (ironically, this wound would ultimately be his undoing). The Sages mourned the loss of their friend and colleague, the Sage of Water, but the King of Evil had vanished, making it possible for Hyrule to enter a period of peace and prosperity.

Turmoil in the Twilight RealmEdit

A century after the banishment of the King of Evil to the netherworld that is the Twilight Realm, the Twilight Realm was in a period of political tumult. The King of Twilight, head of the Royal Family of the Twilight Realm, had just passed away, leaving the Throne empty and the Twilight Realm without a ruler. It was at this time that one of the Twilight King’s advisers, a Twili named Zant, was one of the candidates that stood to succeed the Twilight King to the Throne of the Twilight Realm since the King had no sons to succeed him and only a single daughter, Princess Midna. Zant had served the Royal Family loyally, believing that he would be the next ruler of the Twili, but he had always resented the fact that the Twili, descendants of the Dark Interlopers that had tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm during the Hyrulean Civil War and subsequently were banished to the Twilight Realm by the Golden Goddesses, were imprisoned within the Twilight Realm like animals trapped in a cage while the beings of the land of Hyrule lived in a peaceful world of light and freedom. Zant’s lust for power however caused the populace of the Twili race to distrust him, and they opted in favor of allowing the Twilight King’s strikingly beautiful daughter, Princess Midna, to ascend to the Throne of the Twilight Realm. Midna took her father’s Throne with the support of the population, and the Twili proclaimed her the one true Twilight Princess and ruler of the Twilight Realm.

This action caused Zant to have an emotional breakdown, costing him his sanity in the process. One day, Zant ran to one of the high balconies of the Palace of Twilight and fell to his knees, pounding his fists against the ground in frustration and anger. And then, as though in answer to his prayers, Zant turned his head toward the heavens, and his eyes met a stunning sight. An orb of devastating and dark energy was hovering over Zant, and it slowly descended upon the balcony, engulfing Zant in the process. Inside the orb, Zant saw a fiery head, the head of the King of Evil that had been banished to the Twilight Realm a century in the past, Ganondorf. Ganondorf saw his chance to escape the Twilight Realm through Zant, and he posed as a god to Zant, promising to house his power, the Triforce of Power, within Zant, and to grant him kingship in exchange for one thing: Zant would release Ganondorf from the Twilight Realm back into Hyrule once Zant had taken over the Twilight Throne. Zant agreed to this, and Ganondorf slowly began to further manipulate Zant into launching an invasion of the Light World, Hyrule, in order to mix light and shadow to make pure darkness by appealing to his resentment of the imprisonment of the Twili.

Ganondorf placed Zant under the delusion that he would revive Zant forevermore should he somehow be killed, in essence promising Zant immortality as long as Ganondorf was alive. In reality, however, Ganondorf was merely using Zant to escape the Twilight Realm and take over Hyrule as he had originally intended a century before, when the Hero of Time and Princess Zelda spoiled his plans. In truth, Ganondorf never had any intention of ever reviving Zant if he were killed, because he believed the entire Twili race to be foolish and malleable. Zant, in his insanity and shock, did not question Ganondorf’s motives however, and he was easily bent and shaped into the tool Ganondorf needed to further his own ends. So Ganondorf hid in the background while Zant initiated the plan Ganondorf had crafted and prepared to enact the first phase: usurping the Throne of the Twilight Realm.

Overthrow of the Twilight PrincessEdit

Zant used his power to seize control of the Palace of Twilight and confronted the Twilight Princess, Midna, on one of the Palace’s balconies. As she backed away in fear, Zant struck her down. Zant then transformed her into an imp-like creature in the process, with no hint or trace of her former beauty. Horrified, Midna fled the Palace with Zant’s minions in hot pursuit, unable to understand how Zant could possibly have attained such power. She took one of the four broken pieces of her ancestors’ power, the Fused Shadow, with her as she fled to Hyrule. Zant used his newfound power to transform the Twili into Shadow Beasts that were forced to do his bidding. He then took the two sacred orbs that were the source of light within the Twilight Realm, the Sols, and sealed them away within the Palace of Twilight with Zant's Hands guarding them. This action left the Twilight Realm susceptible to darkness.

While the Twilight Realm suffered under Zant’s wicked rule, Midna fled to Hyrule in search of her ancestors’ ancient magic, the Fused Shadow. It would enable her to have a chance of defeating Zant and restoring peace to her world, as well as her people. Zant, meanwhile, was preparing for the next phase of Ganondorf’s plan: the conquest of Hyrule and the merging of the two worlds into one so that the Twili could once again be free of the Twilight Realm and take over Hyrule. With the Palace of Twilight and the Twili now under his control, he wasted no time in opening the portal between the worlds as the self-proclaimed King of Twilight. This allowed Ganondorf to escape once again into the world of light, although without his physical body. Zant and his army proceeded through the portal at the Arbiter’s Grounds and began the event that would come to be known as “Zant’s Invasion of Hyrule.”

The Invasion of TwilightEdit

Twilight surged from the Arbiter’s Grounds as Zant’s Twili Army poured through a portal, opened by the Mirror of Twilight. Zant conquered province after province, blanketing each conquered territory in Twilight and enabling his minions to venture forth free of the direct light of the sun, as they were unable to normally live in direct light ever again following their race’s banishment to the Twilight Realm following the Hyrulean Civil War. Zant’s sights were set from the outset on the one thing that could be seen from almost anywhere in the land of Hyrule, the residence of Hyrule’s Head of State, Hyrule Castle. Eventually the Twilit Army reached the very gates of Hyrule Castle Town and proceeded to the castle, where the country’s young matriarch, Princess Zelda, ruled from her Throne Room at the summit of the castle’s keep, Hyrule Castle Tower. Though the Hylian Knights bravely fought against the Shadow Beasts of the Twilight Realm, they were no match for the magic-wielding Zant. The last of the Knights fortified the Throne Room to protect the Princess of Hyrule, but soon afterward, Twilight billowed into the room, and Zant’s Shadow Beasts bounded into the Throne Room, incapacitating many of the Hylian Knights in the process as well as clearing the way for Zant to enter the Throne Room. Zant proceeded to walk down the central carpet of the Throne Room and faced the Hylian Princess and her few remaining protectors.

He offered Zelda a choice; to surrender and have her people spared along with herself, or to die. Zelda, wishing to prevent the deaths of her people, dropped her rapier sword and surrendered to the Usurper King of Twilight. Twilight then radiated from Hyrule Castle and covered the land like a shroud, turning the people of Hyrule into lost spirits with no knowledge of what was happening or what was to become of them. Zant imprisoned Princess Zelda, unaffected by the Twilight thanks to the Triforce of Wisdom, inherited from her ancestor from Ocarina of Time, in one of the castle’s towers and sent his Shadow Beasts to steal the light held by the four Light Spirits, Ordona, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru that protected the land of Hyrule under the orders of the Golden Goddesses. It was a dark time for the land of Hyrule, and worse still, the great evil the Hero of Time had confronted so many years before in his adventures during the Imprisoning War had once more ventured forth from the Twilight Realm and was regaining strength once again.

A Hero in the MakingEdit

Meanwhile, far away in a small annex to the land of Hyrule lay the Ordona Province, one of the provinces of Hyrule protected by the Light Spirit Ordona. It was here that a young man named Link, the descendant of the Hero of Time and new bearer of the Triforce of Courage, resided and had an active role in the care-taking of his village. Working as a rancher, he helped wherever possible to make the village as peaceful and prosperous as possible, completely unaware of his lineage to the Legendary Hero of the Imprisoning War and his possession of the Triforce of Courage. One day, he was asked to deliver a sword and shield to Hyrule Castle as the village’s gift to the Royal Family the following day. On the eve of his departure, the children of the village pursued a monkey into the Faron Woods, and Link was forced to go after them.

One of the children, along with the monkey, was abducted and held prisoner by a group of monsters, members of Ganondorf’s Army, near the Forest Temple. Link successfully defeated the monsters and rescued the captives. The next day, as he was saying goodbye to his childhood sweetheart Ilia at the Spring of Ordona, their emotional parting was interrupted by more of Ganondorf’s servants, including his general, King Bulblin. Bulblin’s soldiers knocked Link out and absconded with the village children and Ilia. Link regained consciousness and pursued them to the entrance to the Faron Woods, which was now blocked by a strange, dark barrier of blackness. One of the Shadow Beasts pulled the young hero through the barrier and into the now Twilight-covered Faron Woods. As the beast attempted to strangle Link, the Triforce of Courage activated to protect its bearer, and the Shadow Beast was forced to relinquish its hold on the young hero. Link was then transformed by the Twilight, but not into a lost soul like most people. Instead, Link turned into a divine wolf due to his possession of the Triforce of Courage, which marked him a the hero chosen by the Goddesses to save the world from the evil that now threatened it.

With Link unconscious due to the shock of his transformation, the Shadow Beasts knew nothing better to do than to drag Link in his wolf form to Hyrule Castle and to throw him into the dungeon. It was here that he met Midna, who at this point was only interested in restoring order to the Twilight Realm regardless of what befallen Hyrule. Midna was posing as a servant to the now-imprisoned Princess Zelda in order to keep her identity a secret and hide from Zant. Midna released Link from his cell and led him to Zelda’s tower, where she revealed the tragedy that had befallen Hyrule under the King of Twilight. Link and Midna then escaped from the castle together to find a way to match Zant’s power and defeat him. Midna returned Link to Ordona Province, which was still free of the Twilight but being invaded by monsters. It was at this point the pair met Ordona, the Light Spirit charged with protecting the province of his own name. After saving Ordona and his light from Zant’s Shadow Beasts, Link, still in his wolf form, gathered a sword and shield under Midna’s instructions, although they proved to be of little use to her. The pair then set out to find the three remaining fragments of the Fused Shadow and to restore light to the land of Hyrule.

Quest for the Fused ShadowEdit

Freeing the Forest of FaronEdit

Link and Midna’s first stop was the Faron Province, conveniently located just across a gorge from the Ordona Province. There, they gathered the Tears of Light that had been stolen from Faron by the Twilit insects that now spanned across the entire province. Upon gathering all the tears and filling a Vessel of Light with them, light was restored to the province and the Twilight was dispelled. It was at this moment when Link awoke after gathering the Tears of Light that he realized he was restored to his Hylian form, and that wasn’t all; He was wearing a tunic of green with a matching green cap and boots suited to a forest-dweller. Faron appeared and explained that this was the very outfit that had once been worn by the Legendary Hero, the Hero of Time, a priceless treasure kept by the Light Spirits of Hyrule from the days of the Hero’s great deeds during the Imprisoning War. He then went on to tell Link that the Hero of Time’s power (the Triforce of Courage) was his own and that he was the true successor to the Hero of Time, and ironically his descendant, although Link wasn’t aware of this most personal of links yet between himself and the Legendary Hero, and that he was destined to save the world from the evil that now threatened its existence.

Going on, he further explained to Link that he, along with the other Light Spirits, had long ago sealed away the three other fragments of the Fused Shadows. The piece that Faron had been entrusted with now lay within the Forest Temple deep within the Faron Woods. Link and Midna journeyed on toward the temple, and it was here that Link met a spectral golden wolf that jumped toward him as he approached. Link awoke in an alternate reality and found that the golden wolf became a spectral image of what appeared to be a Hylian warrior. After attempting to attack the specter and failing, the specter introduced itself as the Hero's Shade, and taught Link the first of seven hidden skills to aid in his quest. Link would meet him six more times following this before his final battle with the ultimate evil. Afterward, Midna and Link ventured into the temple and rescued the colony of monkeys that called the temple their home and had been imprisoned by the monsters that had overtaken it. Link saved their leader, Ook, and gained the Gale Boomerang from him to face the monstrous boss of the temple, the Twilit Parasite Diababa. Diababa was a mutated Baba plant that was gaining its energy by robbing the heart of the temple of its power and possessing the second of the Fused Shadow pieces. Link destroyed the gargantuan plant and retrieved the Fused Shadow fragment from its remains. Midna promptly claimed it and as a reward told Link the name of the Usurper King of Twilight: Zant.

Emancipation of EldinEdit

Faron sent the two on to help the next of the Light Spirits, Eldin. In Eldin Province, Link found the children of his village being looked after by the shaman of Kakariko Village, Renado. Ilia, however, was nowhere to be found. Scouring the village and the path up Death Mountain, Link found all of Eldin’s lost Tears of Light and restored light to the area. The rejuvenated Eldin informed Link that he had sealed the third Fused Shadow fragment within the Goron Mines an age before, and that now the Goron Mines had become a place of evil due to the Fused Shadow’s influence. Following Eldin’s instructions, Link traveled up Death Mountain.

However, the Gorons of Death mountain refused to let him ascend the mountain, so, with advice from Renado, he traveled back to Ordon Village, where he told everyone where the children were and learned Sumo Wrestling from Bo, who once bested the Gorons at the sport. Link also got Bo's Iron Boots, which were his "secret" to defeating the Gorons. Afterwords, Link rode back to Kakariko. However, Link learned of the abduction of Colin, one of the Ordon children, by King Bulblin and his Bulblin riders, all riding on a group of Bulbos. Link pursued them on his horse, Epona, into Hyrule Field, where an intense horseback battle ensued. Link pursued King Bulblin, who had Colin tied to his staff, to the Bridge of Eldin and jousted with him, finally causing King Bulblin to drop Colin and sending him flying over the edge of the bridge. Back in Kakariko Village, Colin was reunited with his companions and pledged to Link to be strong just as Link himself was.

After the fight, Link made a second ascent attempt at Death Mountain. However, there were much frequent, deadly eruptions there. After dodging much lava rocks and fighting the Gorons, Link finally made it up to the entrance of the Goron Mines. Gor Coron, surprised that he made it this far, tested his strength in a Sumo Wrestling match, which Link won with the help of his new Iron Boots. He eventually learned of the plight of their patriarch, Darbus, who had been transformed into a fiery demon when he touched the Fused Shadow fragment deep within the mines. They then granted Link access to the mines, and he started his exploration of the fiery mountain's interior. Eventually, Link had to face a gargantuan Goron named Dangoro to claim another treasure from the Imprisoning War; the Hero's Bow that had once been wielded by the Hero of Time and had been entrusted to the Goron race as a timeless treasure. Link fought his way through the remainder of the Goron Mines, all the way to the chamber where Darbus was being held. Inside, he saw that Darbus had been transformed into the Twilit Igniter Fyrus. After battling the monster and defeating it, twilight drained from Darbus’ body as the third Fused Shadow fragment materialized. Midna claimed this fragment, and Darbus regained his former persona.

Liberation of LanayruEdit

Returning to Eldin’s spring, the Light Spirit instructed Link and Midna to venture on to the final province afflicted by twilight, Lanayru Province. Lanayru Province, Link and Midna discovered, was home to Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia, as well as Hyrule Castle itself. After venturing through Lake Hylia, Zora’s Domain, and Hyrule Castle Town as well as defeating the Twilit Bloat at Lake Hylia, Link and Midna restored light to the final province and fully lifted the twilight from the final Hyrulean province. They met with Lanayru, the final Light Spirit, who gave them a Hyrulean history lesson in the history of the Hyrulean Civil War as well as a warning of the dark power that made up the Fused Shadow. He then told them that he had sealed the final fragment of the Fused Shadow in the Lakebed Temple at the bottom of Lake Hylia. Link discovered Ilia in Hyrule Castle Town, being looked after by a woman named Telma, who bore striking resemblances to the Gerudo women of the past. However, Link soon learned that Ilia had since lost her memory and had been looking after a young Zora named Ralis, Prince of the Zora. Link assisted Telma and Ilia in transporting Ralis to Kakariko Village for Renado’s assistance, and Ilia was reunited with the children of Ordon Village. After saving the Zora Prince, the spirit of his deceased mother, Queen Rutela, rewarded Link with the Zora Armor, which allowed Link the ability to breathe and swim underwater like a Zora.

Using this armor, Link entered the Lakebed Temple in search of the final Fused Shadow fragment. After scouring the watery temple and defeating a giant Deku Toad to claim the first of two tools called Clawshots, Link came face-to-face with the Twilit Aquatic Morpheel, a giant eel that had been corrupted by the Fused Shadow fragment in the temple. Link destroyed the gigantic monster’s vulnerable eye, blinding it and causing it to smash into the wall of the giant chamber it inhabited, springing a large leak and draining the chamber. Morpheel disintegrated into twilight, and the final Fused Shadow fragment manifested itself out of the monster’s remains. Midna claimed it, and the pair returned to Lanayru’s spring, where they were met by none other than Zant himself.

Lanayru attempted to scare Zant away, but Zant incapacitated Lanayru without even raising a hand, forcing him back into his spring and covering the area in twilight again. Link, once again in his wolf form, attempted to attack Zant, but was also beaten back as Zant embedded a Shadow Crystal in his head, forcing him to remain permanently in his wolf form. As Link lay unconscious, Zant confronted Midna, taking away the fragments of the Fused Shadow from her and taunting her about her attachment to Link, stating that no matter how much she may want, she would never be able to truly be with a being from the world of light. Zant then made a proposition to Midna in an attempt to sway her to his cause and give him her powers as the true ruler of the Twilight Realm, but she flatly refused his offer. Zant then forced Lanayru to shine his light at full blast and forced Midna into the light in an attempt to kill her before Lanayru was able to warp Link and Midna away to Hyrule Field. Lanayru instructed Link to take the gravely injured Midna to Princess Zelda for her aid.

After passing many trials to find a way into Hyrule Castle, Link successfully navigated an old sewer passageway into the Castle’s sewers and worked his way back to the tower where Zelda was being held. There, the dying Midna requested Princess Zelda to help Link regain his Hylian form and to tell him where to find the Mirror of Twilight. The Princess told Link that in order to regain his Hylian form, he would have to find a place called the Sacred Grove and claim the legendary Blade of Evil’s Bane, the Master Sword, in order to cleave the evil that now cloaked him and kept him in his wolf form. Zelda, finally having guessed who and what Midna really was, sacrificed her physical form and bound her spirit to Midna’s by giving Midna the Triforce of Wisdom that was stored within Zelda in order to save Midna’s life. However, with this act, Zelda’s life was now tied to the fate of Link and Midna’s mission to defeat Zant and the evil behind his power. Midna, with the protection of the Triforce of Wisdom, was now able to maintain her physical form in the Light World without having to exist as a mere shadow. As she and Link left Hyrule Castle, an enormous pyramidal barrier of evil magic sprang up around it, denying access to anyone outside. Link and Midna headed for their next destination: the Sacred Grove.

The Sacred GroveEdit

As Zelda had told them, Link and Midna headed to a forgotten section of the Faron Woods across a gorge. Once across, Link found a Howling Stone and howled an ancient song long associated with the Royal Family, Zelda's Lullaby. Once this was done, a spirit of the forest known as a Skull Kid appeared and led Link through the Lost Woods in a twisted game of hide-and-seek, leading him to the ruins of what appeared to have once been the square of a town or city (largely suspected to be the Hyrule Castle Town of Ocarina of Time). Here, Link was forced to battle the Skull Kid as he called more and more of his puppets in to overwhelm the hero. In the end, Link prevailed and the Skull Kid opened a passageway off the edge of the ruins. Following the passageway through, Link found himself coming upon the ruins of an ancient temple, the Temple of Time that was home to the Master Sword in the days of Link’s ancestor, the Hero of Time. Link was forced to solve the puzzle of the two statues guarding the doorway to the back of the temple’s ruins, where the Master Sword lay. After solving the puzzle, the statues yielded to the new hero and granted him access to the meadow of the Master Sword.

Proceeding through the doorway the statues guarded, Link found himself in a serene meadow, and in front of him was the legendary blade last wielded by the Hero of Time, the Master Sword, still embedded in the Pedestal of Time, right where the Hero of Time had left it following the conclusion of the Imprisoning War. Link approached the Blade of Evil’s Bane, and a blast of powerful energy issued forth from it as it broke Zant’s curse on the hero, which manifested itself as a Shadow Crystal that Midna then retrieved. Link, now restored to his Hylian form, placed his hand upon the enchanted blade’s ornate handle, and pulled upward. Just as it had done for his ancestor, the blade slid gracefully out of the Pedestal of Time, and a shock wave of energy issued forth from the Pedestal as Link held the sword high over his head. Midna explained that the sword had accepted Link as its new master, and she then proceeded to tell Link of the Mirror of Twilight. They also kept the Shadow Crystal which would allow Link to transform into his wolf form at will. Link and Midna then agreed upon their plan to locate the Mirror and confront Zant. Thus, their next destination was the very origin of the invasion: the Gerudo Desert.

Search for the Mirror of TwilightEdit

With the help of a man named Fyer, Link was able to launch his way up out of Lake Hylia and into the long-forgotten Gerudo Desert, the former home of the tribe of thieves that had attempted to invade Hyrule long ago. Link had been told by members of The Group of the legends of a cursed Mirror that had long ago been kept in the Desert, in an ancient prison. Following this lead, Link began his search of the desert for the Mirror’s resting place. Before he could start, Midna revealed that the Twili, and by extension herself, were descendants of the Dark Interlopers that had long ago been banished to the Twilight Realm. After entrusting the history of the Twili to Link, she touched Link’s face in an emotional gesture, asking him to accompany her to the end, something to which he agreed. They continued to scour the desert until they sighted a coliseum-like structure in the distance that they guessed to be the ancient prison Link had been told of. Nearing the ancient prison, the Arbiter's Grounds, Link had to eradicate an encampment of Bulblins and face King Bulblin himself again in hand-to-hand combat, a contest he once again won. As King Bulblin retreated, he and his soldiers tried to trap Link within a burning structure, from which he escaped with the aid of one of the Bulblins’ boars. Once he escaped from the burning structure, Link found himself facing the entrance of the Arbiter’s Grounds and entered the ancient prison to find the Mirror of Twilight.

Inside the haunted prison, Link was forced to pursue four ghostly Poes in order to retrieve the necessary flames to light the four torches that controlled a massive gate that blocked further access to the prison’s inner sanctums. In the basement, he was forced to battle a Death Sword to retrieve an ancient machine known as the Spinner, a tool he would later use in the battle against a much larger enemy. Having made his way through the prison, Link came upon a large, round chamber near the top of the prison that was filled with sand. Stuck in the sand was the skeleton of an enormous beast, and Link proceeded down the pit to investigate it, only to be confronted by Zant once again. Zant was amazed to find Link still alive, but moved to rectify this by stabbing a sword of twilight into the beast’s skull, reviving it. Thus, Link was left to battle the Twilit Fossil Stallord while Zant fled to the roof of the prison to return to the Twilight Realm. After an intense battle with the ancient beast, Link destroyed the sword of twilight, causing the fossil to explode and opening the way to the roof of the prison. Link and Midna ascended to the roof and entered the Mirror Chamber, where Link used the spinner at the top of a statue of the Gerudo Goddess of the Sand to raise the Mirror of Twilight (along with the giant boulder it projected onto) out of the sand.

Midna was greatly saddened to learn that prior to leaving for the Twilight Realm, Zant had broken the mirror into shards, and only one shard was left in the mirror’s stand. At this time, the Ancient Sages appeared and related the story of Ganondorf’s botched execution, as well as his banishment to the Twilight Realm, to Link and Midna. They also revealed that only the true ruler of the Twili could utterly shatter the Mirror of Twilight. Having said this, they revealed that Zant was a false ruler because he did not have the power to utterly destroy the Mirror, only to break it into pieces. They revealed there were three other fragments of the Mirror that Zant had scattered across the land of Hyrule: one in the snowy mountain heights, one in an ancient grove, and one in the heavens. They instructed the pair to seek out the fragments and restore the Mirror, but also gave them a word of warning of the dark power that resided within the Mirror Shards. Armed with this information, Link and Midna set out for their first destination to restore the Mirror of Twilight: Snowpeak Mountain.

Reassembly of the Mirror of TwilightEdit

Plight of the YetisEdit

Following the instructions of the Sages, Link and Midna made their way to the frozen mountain north of Zora’s Domain known as Snowpeak in search of the second shard of the Mirror of Twilight. There, Link met the yeti named Yeto and his wife Yeta, who had fallen ill shortly after Yeto had presented her with the Mirror Shard he found on top of the mountain. Link was forced to traverse the yetis’ mansion, the Snowpeak Ruins, in search of the key to the yetis’ bedroom where Yeta had stored the Mirror Shard. After several failed attempts to find the key due to faulty information from Yeta, Link finally located the key (gaining the Ball and Chain in the process), and Yeta recovered enough of her health to accompany Link to the bedroom to take him to the Mirror Shard. Once inside the bedroom, Yeta looked longingly at her reflection in the Mirror Shard, and she was transformed into the Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta right before Link’s eyes. Link used the Ball and Chain to defeat Blizzeta and restore Yeta to her true form. Link’s reward was the Mirror Shard, and Midna warped Link out of the bedroom as the Yetis embraced, free of the Mirror Shard’s influence at last.

The Temple of TimeEdit

The third Mirror Shard was said to lay in “an ancient grove” by the Ancient Sages, and Link and Midna eventually realized that the ancient grove the Sages spoke of was a place they had already visited, the Sacred Grove. After a second chase through the Lost Woods involving the Skull Kid, Link and Midna arrived back at the remains of the ancient temple where Link had acquired the Master Sword. Returning to the meadow of the Master Sword, Link plunged the Master Sword back into the Pedestal of Time once, and the statue guarding the temple’s still-intact door vanished. When translating the ancient Hylian on the door (which reads “Time Door”), one can imply that this is the Door of Time that once guarded the Chamber of the Master Sword in the days of the Hero of Time. Stepping forward, the door swung open, revealing a time portal. Link stepped through the Door of Time, and his eyes met an awesome sight. The Sacred Grove had disappeared entirely, and he was standing in the midst of a mighty temple that he quickly realized was the same temple whose remains he had rediscovered in the Sacred Grove. He was standing in the Temple of Time as it stood in the days of his ancestor, the Hero of Time. Link walked to the Chamber of the Master Sword and once again plunged the Master Sword back into the Pedestal of Time, revealing a staircase that led through the large window behind the Pedestal of Time. Walking up the staircase, Link found the window vanished to reveal a hidden doorway. Proceeding through this doorway, he discovered a whole different section of the Temple of Time (possibly the Temple of Light due to the presence of the Light Medallion). He then traversed the massive temple and solved its many time-related puzzles, eventually coming face-to-face with a fearsome Darknut that yielded a magical staff called the Dominion Rod upon its defeat. The Dominion Rod allowed Link to give life to certain statues and control their movements, and had been left in the temple by the Oocca, a race of Sky-beings that had assisted the Ancient Sages in the temple’s construction ages before. Armed with the Dominion Rod, Link reunited a missing statue with its counterpart guarding the main door leading to the largest chamber of the temple and proceeded through the hallway they guarded. In the temple’s largest chamber, Link faced the most fearsome spider in Hyrulean history, the Twilit Arachnid Armogohma, and with the aid of the Dominion Rod, Link was able to destroy the monstrous spider, claiming the third Mirror Shard. Upon exiting the Temple of Time and returning to the present, the Dominion Rod lost its power, and Ooccoo (along with her son Ooccoo, Jr.), an Oocca that had somehow become stranded on the surface and had assisted Link and Midna in each dungeon thus far while trying to find a way back to the Sky, departed, disappointed because she thought that the rediscovery of the Dominion Rod (one of her race’s creations), also known as the “Rod of the Heavens,” would provide them a way to return to their home, the fabled City in the Sky.

A City in the CloudsEdit

Link was called back to Kakariko Village by Renado shortly thereafter about Ilia’s memory. He instructed Link to question Telma in Hyrule Castle Town about how Ilia had come to be with her, and Telma put Link on the trail to finding one of Ilia’s belongings that had been stolen from her when Telma found her, a strange wooden statue. With the aid of Telma’s cat, Louise, Link was able to locate the statue and returned to Kakariko Village with it. Upon seeing it, Ilia began to remember having been abandoned by the Bulblins and being rescued by a kind woman that helped her escape eventually and gave her the statue as a parting gift. The Goron Elders, also present, recognized the statue as a relic of the Sheikahs, the race of shadow warriors that had once protected the Hylian royalty. Darbus went with Link to the location of the Hidden Village (widely suspected to be the Kakariko Village of Ocarina of Time) and opened the blocked tunnel leading to the largely abandoned village. Link found the village severely damaged and infested with Bulblins. After destroying the Bulblins, Link met Impaz, the last remaining resident of the village, who told Link she was a descendant of the founder of the village (Impa, the Sage of Shadow from Ocarina of Time) and gave him a Horse Call Ilia had left when she escaped. Impaz revealed she was still in the village under the orders of the Royal Family awaiting the “Messenger to the Heavens” that possessed the “Rod of the Heavens.” Link showed her the Dominion Rod, and the overjoyed Impaz gave him the Ancient Sky Book, the key to deciphering the ancient Sky Writing left behind in Hyrule by the Oocca. Link returned to Kakariko Village and showed the Horse Call to Ilia, who at that moment completely regained her memory and remembered her life with Link in their childhood. Having made the Horse Call for Link and having meant to give it to him at the start of his adventure, Ilia finally was able to formally present it to him and promised that she'd be waiting when Link completed his journey. With some help from Shad, a member of The Group greatly fascinated by the Oocca and their Sky Writing, Link was able to restore power to the Dominion Rod using the Ancient Sky Book and traveled around Hyrule filling in the book’s missing characters, which in turn opened the way to the dilapidated Sky Cannon beneath Renado’s home in Kakariko Village. Midna warped the cannon to Lake Hylia, where Link hired Fyer to fix the cannon and launched himself (with Ooccoo and Ooccoo, Jr. in tow) up to the City in the Sky, a collection of impressive buildings floating high above the land of Hyrule that was home to the Oocca race. Upon his arrival in the city, Link learned from the Oocca that a dragon was terrorizing the city, and an army of monsters had invaded, forcing the Oocca to retreat to the city’s southernmost parts. Link ventured deeper into the damaged city (sighting the dragon several times along the way) and discovered a second Clawshot. Using the combination of the two Clawshots, Link worked his way up to the highest point of the city and faced the Twilit Dragon Argorok. After a long and dangerous battle that took them high above the city’s tallest tower, Link vanquished the dragon and reclaimed the fourth and final Mirror Shard.

Link and Midna then made their way back to the Mirror Chamber atop the Arbiter’s Grounds and reassembled the Mirror of Twilight, which activated and opened the portal to the Twilight Realm. Before Link and Midna stepped through the portal, the Ancient Sages appeared and revealed Midna’s true identity as the Twilight Princess and begged for her forgiveness for underestimating Ganondorf and sending him away into her realm, which now suffered due to their actions. Link and Midna then stepped toward the Mirror of Twilight and were teleported to the Twilight Realm.

Assassination of ZantEdit

The Mirror of Twilight deposited Link and Midna in the plaza of the Palace of Twilight. Link proceeded through the two side buildings of the Palace. Along the way, he faced a doppelganger of Zant, Phantom Zant, twice, once for each Sol Link discovered in the two side wings of the Palace. Link restored the two Sols to the Palace Plaza and restored the Twilight Realm’s source of light. Upon restoration of the Sols, the two light sources fused with the Master Sword to form the Light Sword. It was capable of cutting through the darkness of the Shadow Crystals created by Zant, and the Twili were restored to their former selves as well. This act showed that the Gods of the Twilight Realm were on Link’s side and has led many to proclaim Link the “Hero of Twilight.”

Link used the Light Sword to enter the central building of the Palace of Twilight and worked his way through the structure, until he finally reached the Throne Room. Upon proceeding through the door, Link and Midna found Zant sitting on the throne of the Twilight Realm. Zant proceeded to reveal his story to the pair, telling them that the source of his power was his “god,” Ganondorf. After finishing his tale, the Usurper King Zant engaged Link in a fierce battle that took them through the various battlegrounds Link had fought on throughout the story all across Hyrule.

Link beat Zant back time after time until they ended up in front of Hyrule Castle, where Zant made his last stand. Link still succeeded in defeating him, and they appeared back in the Throne Room of the Twilight Realm. As Zant lay dying upon his throne, he taunted Midna, stating that Ganondorf would revive him without fail, not knowing this was a lie, and that the curse on Midna could never be lifted as long as Ganondorf was alive. Midna took back the Fused Shadow fragments and used a fraction of the power of the united relic to destroy Zant. This action delivered Zant’s power back to Ganondorf, who had seized control of Hyrule Castle by that point, and gave Ganondorf his Gerudian body back. At this point, after having seen the sacrifices of Link and Princess Zelda, Midna had long since had a change of heart and pledged to not only save her world, but to help save the Light World, Hyrule, as well. The pair returned to Hyrule via the portal of the Mirror of Twilight and returned to Hyrule Castle Town, having finally guessed the source of the pyramid barrier surrounding Hyrule Castle: Ganondorf.

The King of Evil vs. The Hero of TwilightEdit

Shortly before Link’s final battle with Ganondorf, he met his mentor, the Hero's Shade, for the final (and by this point seventh) time and learned all he could from his mentor before the Shade revealed to Link that he too had once been a Hero that protected the land of Hyrule. Before vanishing for the last time, the Shade said to Link, “Go forth, and do not falter, my child.” Many have been led to believe this implies that the Hero’s Shade is the spirit of the Hero of Time and thus the spirit of the Hero of Twilight’s ancestor that had fought Ganondorf in the Imprisoning War. Midna then used the Fused Shadow and transformed into a giant, arachnid-like creature and destroyed the barrier surrounding the castle, falling into Link’s arms as the task was complete and gazing into his eyes for a brief moment.

The pair cleansed Hyrule Castle’s courtyard of the enemies that had infested it and confronted King Bulblin one final time. After beating him back, King Bulblin stopped the battle and surrendered the key to the castle to Link, stating the he supported the strongest side and that that was all he had ever known. He then left the castle, deserting Ganondorf’s Army and leaving Link with the power to enter the castle and confront Ganondorf. Link entered the castle, and (with some assistance from The Group) found the key to the Throne Room. Continuing up the castle's keep, Hyrule Castle Tower, Link found the top of the tower surrounded by dark and violent clouds. Link opened the doorway to the Throne Room and proceeded to the Throne Room itself.

Inside, the pair found Ganondorf, the King of Evil, sitting upon Hyrule’s Throne, with Princess Zelda’s lifeless body suspended above him in a statue of the Triforce and the three Golden Goddesses. Ganondorf darkly extended his greetings of welcome to his castle and proceeded to taunt Midna, stating that he had long been amused by her people and that he found them to be foolish, despite them having served their purpose in restoring his power. Midna stood firm, stating that she would risk all to deny Ganondorf his ultimate wish of ruling the world. Ganondorf, recognizing Midna’s emotions for Link, stated that “it appears shadow has been moved by light,” and proceeded to transform into twilight matter. As he drifted upward, Midna tried to stand between him and the lifeless Zelda, but Ganondorf was able to pass right through Midna and into the Hylian Princess’ body. Zelda’s eyes shot open, and there was fire in them as Ganondorf took control of the Princess’ body and sent Midna flying out of the Throne Room, sealing the doorway off with a twilight barrier in preparation for his battle with the Hero of Twilight.

So the first battle with Ganondorf commenced in the form of Ganon’s Puppet Zelda. Link returned Zelda’s balls of energy to her using the Master Sword in a fashion similar to the first phase of his ancestor’s battle with Ganondorf an age ago. After several returned hits, Zelda was purged of Ganondorf’s soul by Midna. Ganondorf’s soul reappeared, this time in the form of the Dark Beast Ganon, and rampaged around the room, destroying all in his path. Link transformed into his divine wolf form and battled Ganondorf with Midna’s powers, attacking the glowing wound left on his chest by the Ancient Sages a century before. Eventually, Ganon was defeated, and his body degenerated on the floor. Midna returned the Triforce of Wisdom to Princess Zelda, and thus restored her spirit. As Zelda awoke, the trio’s reunion was short-lived as behind them, Ganondorf’s soul appeared in the form of the fiery head Zant had encountered in the Twilight Realm. Midna warped the pair away to the safety of Hyrule Field as she put on the Fused Shadow and transformed in an attempt to battle Ganondorf’s soul with its power. Link and Princess Zelda appeared in Hyrule Field and turned back toward the castle to see a massive explosion.

When the dust cleared, Ganondorf rode out of the wreckage of the castle on horseback holding Midna’s helmet and crushing it in his hands, implying that he defeated her. Ganondorf made an attempt on the pair’s lives, but Zelda entreated the Light Spirits to protect them and received the Light Arrows to battle Ganondorf with. Link and Zelda mounted Epona and pursued the King of Evil in a large horseback battle, with Zelda firing Light Arrows at Ganondorf and Link slashing at him with the Master Sword. Eventually, Ganondorf fell from his mount, and Link dismounted and continued to the place where Ganondorf fell. A twilight barrier sprang up around the area, blocking Zelda out of the fight. Ganondorf then offered Link one final sword duel in hand-to-hand combat as the Dark Lord Ganondorf. Although Ganondorf put up a good fight, Link ultimately bested him (using the Hidden Skills taught to him by the Hero’s Shade) and impaled Ganondorf with the Master Sword through the wound on his chest. As he stood up, Ganondorf stated that Link should not think the battle ended there and that “the history of light and shadow shall be written in blood.” The Triforce of Power began to fade from Ganondorf’s hand and seemingly abandoned him altogether, and Zant’s spirit appeared, snapping his own neck.

At that moment, Ganondorf’s eyes glossed over, and he seemingly died. However, Ganondorf has been known to escape death many times and was already a powerful sorcerer even without the Triforce of Power, having learned powerful dark magic from his surrogate mothers, Twinrova, as well as the dark magic of the Twili during his imprisonment within the Twilight Realm. His ultimate fate remains unclear and is left in doubt due to the peculiar circumstances surrounding his supposed "death," as well as his presence in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. With Ganondorf’s defeat, a small figure appeared on a hilltop, surrounded by the four Light Spirits. After a brilliant flash of light blinded Link and Zelda, Link ran to the top of the hill to find a tall, slender figure laying on the ground. Standing up, Midna was restored to her true form as the Twilight Princess, and was greatly amused by Link’s dumbstruck silence saying, “What? Say Something! Am I so beautiful you have no words left?”

A Mirrored FarewellEdit

Link and Zelda journeyed with Midna to the Arbiter’s Grounds, where they bade her farewell. Zelda encouraged relations between the two worlds to continue, stating that light and shadow, although they cannot mix, are two sides of the same coin. Midna thanked the Princess of Hyrule for her kind words and gave Zelda her blessing as a great ruler for the world of light. Midna addressed Link, stating that as long as the Mirror of Twilight was around, there was the possibility that she and Link would meet again. However, not wishing for similar tragic events to befall their worlds ever again, she closed her eyes and shed a single tear that drifted through the air toward the Mirror of Twilight. As it drifted toward the Mirror, Midna began, "Link...I...See you later." Many believe she was about to confess her love for Link, but lost her nerve to declare her love at the last moment. As she said this, the tear made contact with the Mirror of Twilight, and it began to fragment. Midna locked her gaze with Link’s, and as she disappeared back to the Twilight Realm, the Mirror of Twilight shattered utterly, sealing off the only known road between the worlds. In a fashion similar to his ancestor's emotional parting with Princess Zelda in the adult timeline at the conclusion of the Imprisoning War, Link was forced to say goodbye to a Princess many suspect was romantically attached to Link in a relationship mirroring Princess Zelda's relationship with the Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time. The story ends with Link restoring the Master Sword to the Pedestal of Time in the ruins of the Temple of Time and riding away, presumably on a new adventure to be chronicled in a future Zelda title.

Chapter 6: War of the WizardEdit

Capture Edit

A powerful and mysterious sorcerer known as Agahnim deceived and deposed the good King of Hyrule. With the rest of the land living in ignorance of his acts, Agahnim ordered the soldiers of Hyrule to capture Seven Maidens; descendants of the Seven Sages, who originally sealed the great King of Evil, Ganondorf, away during the Imprisoning War. Agahnim seeked to send the maidens to the Dark World; a twisted version of Hyrule, in order to break the spell placed on his master. Zelda, princess of Hyrule, is revealed to be one of these maidens and is imprisoned by Agahnim.

Courage of the Hero Edit

After successfully gathering all three Pendants of Virtue, Link pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal. Almost immediately, Link was contacted by Zelda, whose hiding place had been discovered by Agahnim's servants. She was taken away to Hyrule Castle once more, where Agahnim is ready to transport her to the Dark World. Breaking the barrier placed on the door to the Hyrule Castle Tower, Link ascends the tower and confronts Agahnim. However, he was too late, and Agahnim sends Zelda to the Dark World. Agahnim and Link do battle, and by deflecting Agahnim's magic back at him, Link seemingly defeated the evil sorcerer. However, Agahnim tells him that his efforts have been futile, and sends Link to the Dark World. Upon arriving in the Dark World, Link was contacted by the wise man Sahasrahla and was told of the one way to stop Agahnim's evil plot; he has to rescue the imprisoned Seven Maidens from dungeons around the world.

Chapter 7: Revival of GanonEdit

Tower of Darkness Edit

Link had to rescue the imprisoned Seven Maidens from dungeons around the world. After freeing six of them, Link finally freed Zelda, the seventh maiden. With the power of the Seven Maidens, Link broke the seal on Ganon's Tower, and worked his way up Ganon's evil stronghold.

Alter Ego Edit

After defeating Agahnim once more, it was revealed that the wizard was merely a disguise for the true King of Evil, Ganon. He retreated to his domain, the Pyramid of Power, and Link followed after him.

The Golden Relic Edit

After a long and fierce battle, Link defeated the Evil King with the Silver Arrow. A stairway opened, and the Triforce, an omnipotent golden relic that grants the wish of whoever touches it, appeared before Link. With a pure heart, he wished for all of Ganon's evil to be undone. After peace was restored to Hyrule, Link layed the Master Sword to rest in the Pedestal of Time, seemingly to rest forever.

Chapter 8: Awakening of the Wind FishEdit

Raft Wreck Edit

Link, traveling the seas in search of adventure, one night came across a raging storm and was marooned on Koholint Island, a tropical paradise. He was found by a young lady by the name of Marin. Link awakened, confused, in the house of Marin and her father Tarin. After finding his lost shield and sword, an Owl approached Link and told him that in order to escape from the island, he must awaken the Wind Fish, the guardian God of Koholint Island, from his sleep with the help of the Instruments of the Sirens. The Nightmares, evil creatures that were revealed to be in control of the island, did everything in their power to guard the Instruments of the Sirens and stopping Link from ever waking the Wind Fish.

Ballad of the Wind Fish Edit

Link traveled around the island and retrieved the instruments, and seemingly fell in love with the beautiful Marin. However, the true nature of the island was revealed when he discovered a mural in a shrine. Here, it is inscribed that the island is merely a dream of the Wind Fish, and if he is awakened, the island will disappear. Link, confronted with a difficult choice, continued on his journey. After collecting all of the eight Instruments, Link approached the Wind Fish's Egg and played the "Ballad of the Wind Fish", opening a doorway into the maze-like interior of the egg.

King of Nightmares Edit

After braving the maze inside the egg, Link met the leader of the Nightmares, Dethl. Dethl transformed into many powerful shapes, some resembling enemies Link has fought before, but to no avail -- it was finally defeated by Link. After its defeat, a staircase appeared and Link was congratulated by the Owl. He played the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" once more, awakening the Wind Fish. As it carried Link away, the island disappeared. He comforted the troubled Link by telling him that while Koholint Island itself must disappear, it will remain in his memories forever.

Chapter 9: The Great FloodEdit

While Link was in Koholint, Hyrule was flooding. The Wind Fish had many children, called Fishmen. Link woke during the flood and was killed. However, the Golden Goddesses left several islands, and allowed Link to be reborn on Outset Island.

Chapter 10: Rise of the Hero of WindsEdit

Outset Edit

A loving grandmother told a little girl, Aryll, to wake Link, the Hero, on a small southern island known as Outset Island. The elders of Outset Island customarily dress their youths in green like the Hero of Time when they come of age, hoping to inspire in them the courage the Hero of Time knew. As it was Link's birthday, he received the familiar green clothes and cap. Aryll's present to Link was permission to use her Telescope. As he looked through the telescope, he saw a large bird, the Helmaroc King, carrying a girl to a nearby forest. After retrieving a sword from the local swordsman, Orca, Link set out to investigate. Link rescued the girl, only to have Aryll taken by the Helmaroc King as he returned. The girl rescued in the forest was Tetra, captain of a pirate ship and crew. At Link's request, and with some pestering from the postman, Quill, she took Link on her ship to the Forsaken Fortress, where a mysterious figure was holding Aryll and several other kidnapped girls. Link was thrown from the fortress following an unsuccessful raid and left to die. A talking boat called the King of Red Lions found the unconscious Link and took him near an island known as Windfall Island. As he awakens, Link was startled to see a talking boat, but the King of Red Lions told him that he is on Link's side. He explains that the mysterious master of the Forbidden Fortress was Ganondorf, the same the Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny locked away. The King of Red Lions also told him that in order to stand a chance against Ganondorf, Link must travel to Dragon Roost Island and obtain a mighty treasure there. After purchasing a Sail, Link set sail for Dragon Roost Island.

Pearl of Power Edit

Once at the island, the King of Red Lions instructed Link to find a dragon named Valoo and ask him for a jewel called Din's Pearl. He also presented Link with the Wind Waker, a magical baton that allows the user to conduct the voices of the heavens. Link disembarked and ascended the island; eventually, he came upon the dwelling where the Rito, a race of bird-like creatures, lived. The Rito Chieftain told Link that his son Prince Komali, prince of the Rito, has Din's Pearl, but was unwilling to relinquish it. Link helped Valoo, and Komali gave the Pearl to Link.

Pearl of Courage Edit

With the first pearl in hand, the King of Red Lions had Link sail south to the Forest Haven to ask Great Deku Tree for Farore's Pearl. Inside the haven, Link met the Deku Tree and the Koroks, spirits of the forest. Aware that Ganondorf had returned, the Deku Tree agreed to give Link the pearl after the completion of the annual ceremony to replenish the forests. Linder, one of the Koroks, entered and informed the Deku Tree that Makar, a young Korok that played a stringed instrument, similar in appearance to a violin or cello, has fallen into the Forbidden Woods. The Deku Tree, believing that Link's appearance at this time was not a coincidence, asked Link to rescue Makar. Link did so, allowing the ceremony to be completed, and receives Farore's Pearl.

Pearl of Wisdom Edit

Link then traveled to Greatfish Isle to find Jabun, a great water spirit, but when he arrived he found that the island has been utterly ruined by Ganondorf. Quill appeared and informed Link that before the island was destroyed, Jabun managed to escape to an enclosed cave on Outset Island. After a side trip to Windfall Island to obtain Bombs, they sailed back to Link's home of Outset Island, where Link blew open the entrance to a cave in which Jabun had been hiding with a mounted cannon. During a conversation between Jabun and the King of Red Lions, Jabun gave Link Nayru's Pearl.

Statues of the Goddesses Edit

Link took the three pearls to the three Triangle Islands, inserting one into a statue on each island. The statues then shot out three beams of light, forming an image of the Triforce on the sea. From the point straight in the middle of this projected Triforce, the Tower of the Gods rose from deep beneath the Great Sea. Link sailed to and enters the tower, where he proved his worth to the gods by completing the many trials therein and defeating Gohdan; after which, a ring of light appeared on the surface of the water below. Link sailed into the ring of light and was taken beneath the waters to Hyrule Castle, filled with enemies, frozen in time. After completing a small puzzle, Link opened a hidden staircase and descended to a great chamber beneath the castle, where he found the Master Sword, the legendary Blade of Evil's Bane that the Hero of Time had used to seal Ganondorf. Link removed the sword, and time flows through Hyrule Castle once more. Link used the powerful blade to defeat the now-active enemies, and returns to the surface.

Restoration Edit

With the Master Sword in hand, Link returned to the Forsaken Fortress to challenge Ganondorf. Meeting Tetra and the pirates there, Link rescued the captives and defeated the Helmaroc King. At the top of the main tower, he confronted Ganondorf, but was quickly defeated. Ganondorf tells Link that taking the Master Sword had fully lifted the seal, unbinding his full power; furthermore, the Master Sword had lost its power and can no longer repel evil. Ganondorf raised his sword to attack Link, but Tetra intervened. Ganondorf grabed Tetra, causing the Triforce of Power held within him to resonate. Ganondorf realized that Tetra is wearing a Triforce fragment on a necklace and refers to her as "Princess Zelda". Prince Komali, having grown wings, flew in with Quill and took Link and Tetra away. Valoo swooped into view, breathing fire and sending Ganondorf's chamber up in flames, but somehow, Ganondorf survived. Link and Tetra sailed back to the castle at the bottom of the sea and descended the staircase. There they meet Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the king of the ancient kingdom in the legends, Hyrule. He admitted that he assumed the guise of the King of Red Lions. King Hyrule told Link and Tetra that the prayers of the people in the legend were indeed answered — the gods sealed Ganondorf and all of Hyrule with him by flooding the kingdom with a torrential downpour, ordering those chosen to rebuild to take refuge on the mountaintops (which would soon form the islands of the Great Sea). King Hyrule gave a Triforce fragment to Tetra. Combining it with the fragment on her necklace, Tetra now held the completed Triforce of Wisdom and was revealed to be Princess Zelda. Ganondorf was seeking the Triforces of Wisdom and Courage to complete the entire Triforce, which granted its holder's wish. Leaving Zelda, Link returned to the surface.

Gem of Light Edit

On Dragon Roost island, Link played the "Earth God's Lyric" for Medli, awakening in her the knowledge that she is the Sage of Earth, able to help restore the power of the Master Sword. Link and Medli traveled to the Earth Temple. Together, they braved the many trials of the temple and defeated Jalhalla, Lord of the Poes. Having purified the chamber of prayers, Medli begins praying to the gods, restoring some power to Link's sword by making the gem reappear.

Guard of Virtue Edit

Having purified the chamber of prayers, Medli beginned praying to the gods, restoring some power to Link's sword. Link leaved Medli to continue praying and sailed to the Forest Haven. Link found Makar and played for him the "Wind God's Aria", awakening Makar as the new Sage of Wind. Together they traveled to the Wind Temple, defeating Molgera. Makar prayed and restores the Master Sword's to its full power when its guard suddenly shot out.

Triforce Pieces Edit

Link had to recover the Triforce of Courage, one-third of the legendary Golden Power that had been split up into pieces, in order to open the gateway between the Great Sea and the sunken land of Hyrule once more. Link found detailed charts depicting the location of each shard and extracted them from the bottom of the Great Sea. Upon the completion of the Triforce, the true power that dwells inside Link awakened, marking him as the true Hero, the Hero of Winds.

Confrontation Edit

With the restored Master Sword and the Triforce of Courage, Link returned once more to Hyrule Castle, where Zelda disappeared before him, having been captured by Ganon and taken to his castle. Link broke through the barrier beyond Hyrule Castle and entered Ganon's Tower. Inside the tower, Link obtained the Light Arrow, a magical arrow consisting of pure light; Ganondorf's weakness. After further traversing the tower and doing battle with certain enemies from the past once more, Link reached a grand chamber, where he enconters Puppet Ganon. Puppet Ganon transformed into many forms during the battle, but is eventually defeated. Suddenly, Ganondorf appears before Link, acknowledging that Link must be the Hero of Time reborn. Ganondorf then retreated to the rooftop of the tower; Link followed. Ganondorf remarked that it must be fate that has allowed him to bring all of the pieces of the Triforce together, just as he had with the Hero of Time. He then stunned Link, causing the three Triforces to be extracted from Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda and to combine together to form the complete Triforce. Ganondorf demanded to the gods to expose Hyrule to the sun once more, under his control. Before he can reach the Triforce, however, King Hyrule suddenly appeared, touching the Triforce. He wished for a future for Link and Zelda and asks that Hyrule be washed away forever. The Triforce splits apart and water from the ocean above began to pour down. With the ocean falling all around the tower, Ganondorf laughs, believing that the King had simply ensured Link's and Zelda's destruction. Ganondorf and Link began battle; Zelda assists by shooting Ganondorf with Light Arrows. After a hard-fought battle, Link landed the final blow and plunged the Master Sword into the forehead of Ganondorf, turning him to stone. Link and Tetra float to the surface inside bubbles, leaving Ganondorf and the King to be buried under the waves with Hyrule. Searching for a new land to call Hyrule, Link and Zelda sailed away together on the now lifeless King of Red Lions and the pirate ship.

Chapter 11: Rescue of the Ocean KingEdit

Ghost Ship Edit

Link, Tetra and her pirates were at sea looking out for the "Ghost Ship" rumored to sail the waters in the area, taking sailors and residents from the nearby islands. Tetra, convinced that the Ghost Ship is simply a bunch of trouble-making pirates, was determined to teach them that pirates have rules, too. When a mysterious ship appeared in the middle of a dense fog, Tetra jumped aboard to explore. As Tetra screamed the ship pulls away and began to vanish with her on board. Link attempted to leap over and save her only to fall into the water himself.

Vision of Fate Edit

After having a vision of Tetra being surrounded by darkness and calling for his help, Link was washed up on Mercay Island and met a fairy named Ciela. The fairy had lost her memory and decided to team up with Link. Ciela told Link to see her "grandfather", an old man named Oshus. He provided him with a sword. Link traveled to the far side of the island and met Captain Linebeck in the Temple of the Ocean King, while he is searching for treasure inside. Linebeck told Link that the temple drained the life out of living things if one stayed in it for too long.

Spirits of Gold Edit

Link was given the task to restore the Spirits of Power, Wisdom and Courage from the temples of Fire, Wind and Courage, respectively. These spirits, who turned out to be fairies, join Link and assisted him in the Ocean King's Temple, where he received the Phantom Hourglass, a strange trinket that allows him to resist the draining effect of the temple. After defeating the boss of the Temple of Courage, the Fairy of Courage is saved, but unlike the other two, it has no colour and lifelessly floats. Oshus arrived at the Island and fused Ciela with the colourless fairy, revealing that she is the Fairy of Courage herself.

Pursuit Edit

With the help of the spirits, Linebeck and Link then set off to pursue the Ghost Ship. After rescuing and defeating four evil sisters on the ship, Link and Linebeck found Tetra; however, she had been turned to stone. The old man Oshus arrived and revealed that he is in fact the Ocean King. According to him, an evil monster named Bellum appeared, hungry to consume the life force possessed by all living things. He used this absorbed force to create powerful monsters, such as the dungeon bosses and the Phantoms in the Temple of the Ocean King, and used them to seal away the three fairies of Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Ciela, the Fairy of Courage, was able to create a clone of herself (just as the ocean king did) and fled, but as a result, lost her memory. The Ocean King tried to fight Bellum but failed with his true self still sealed by his evil.

Pure Metals Edit

Link then learned that the only way to defeat Bellum was to forge the Phantom Sword from three unique, "pure metals" around the local islands. However, Linebeck was unwilling to help any further, as there was no treasure on the Ghost Ship. The Ocean King then offered Linebeck one wish if he will continue to help Link. Linebeck immediately agrees, and the trio set off. After collecting the materials and forging the Phantom Sword, Link descended to the bottom level of the Temple, and after a fierce battle, appeared to have slain the beast. Tetra was unpetrified, but just as the group was about celebrate their victory, Bellum re-emerges from the ocean depths and took Tetra again, possessing the Ghost Ship while doing so. In the ensuing battle between the S.S. Linebeck and the Ghost Ship, Linebeck's ship was lost. Additionally, Link and Tetra were captured. Linebeck then reluctantly picks up the Phantom Sword shivering with fear and, sacrificing his own freedom, was able to free Link and Tetra. He is able to quickly give Link the Phantom Sword before Bellum possessed Linebeck. Link battled the possessed Linebeck, and manages to drive out the evil spirit from his body. Bellum was then defeated once more; this time, forever.

Departing Edit

As the adventure closes, the sand from the Phantom Hourglass was released back into the sea. Oshus, in his true form of a white whale, readied to depart with the Spirits, while Linebeck, surprising everyone, wished not for treasure but for his ship back. The Ocean King revealed that they are not in their own world, but that they were transported to his world when they boarded the Ghost Ship at the beginning. After everyone says their goodbyes, Link and Tetra found themselves back on the pirate ship. It appeared that only ten minutes have passed since Tetra jumped on board the Ghost Ship. The rest of the crew said nothing too bad had happened and they insist that all of their adventure had been a dream. However, Link still possessed the now-empty Hourglass, and spied Linebeck's ship on the horizon, knowing full well that his adventure was real.

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