Grove of Eternal Life Edit

Part One, Legion of the Damned:

Prologue: Edit

Peace...The last word I heard before I died. The irony of it. It is what my former self fought to restore, but now I see. There can be no peace. For if there was peace then I cannot exist, and for that reason I am the true victim here. I must kill to live. But to understand you must hear my tale...

Chapter One, Twenty the Blade: Edit

I strolled down the street in Castle Town, on my routine patrol. I was a Lieutenant in the Guards. My jet black hair blew in the wind as I walked at a brisk pace with my two subordinates, Fasei and Kharkov.
"What was that?" Fasei asked worriedly in his deep voice. He was quite a fat man for a guard, and he NEVER took of his helmet.
"It's merely a mouse." I said, pushing away the spear he was pointing at a crate. I slung my sword over my shoulder and walked on. Seeing two people ahead, looking quite suspicious, I walked up to them with Kharkov at my side. Now Kharkov, he didn't talk. No one knew why, some think his tongue was cut out. His armour, unlike Fasei's, was battered and bashed. While Fasei's was polished clean enough to gleam like that spear he was pointing at everything.
"Who are you?" one of them asked, quickly hiding a small package inside a dirty vest he was wearing.
"That would depend." I said arrogantly. The other one tried to walk away, but Kharkov's spear was far too fast, and it damn near cut off the man's arm.
"What the?" he said before being pinned to the wall by a spear in the sweater he was wearing. Kharkov just laughed at him in a high pitched tone.
"What's in the box?" I asked the first man.
"Just some marbles." He said, sizing me up, even though I was about seven feet tall, and had a good foot on him.
"You really expect me to believe that?!" I yelled, bringing my recently sharpened sword to his throat. He took out a dagger and stabbed my armour with it. Fasei punched him so hard in the face that I heard something crack. I leaned down to snatch the box he was carrying. Opening it up I saw illegal explosives, filled to the brim with gunpowder.
"Watch out!" Kharkov cried, I was so shocked at him talking that I didn't notice the white horse pass me, but I managed to notice when the black horse knocked me into a wall. From then on I went into a sleep.

Chapter Two, Legacy: Edit